21 July 2024

An eco-conscious commitment: Takara Belmont leads the way

An eco-conscious commitment is necessary today to meet a variety of challenges in the world of business. Takara Belmont is meeting these challenges head on. Here’s how!

In today’s world of business, an eco-conscious commitment is increasingly in demand for a variety of reasons. First of all, more and more eco-savvy clients are seeking out companies and salons with a sense of social responsibility. This includes energy savings, renewable energy sources, recycling and upcycling, natural and botanical ingredients, reduced packaging, etc. Takara Belmont is just one such company who is taking these efforts seriously. This eco-conscious commitment helps to protect the Earth by using its resources wisely and empowering individuals by nurturing communities.

Creating a society where the World can shine

The Takara Belmont Group’s sustainability policy and mission are to:

– Embrace uniqueness and unlock potential to protect the Earth by using its resources wisely and empower individuals by nurturing our communities.
– Collaborate with beauty and health professionals to champion well-being for all to continue to challenge conventions for the creation of a brighter and more harmonious future.

Takara Belmont Japan

Five areas of focus

In order to fulfill their social corporate responsibilities as a manufacturing company, the Takara Belmont Group will prioritize five areas. They will also continue work on all their Sustainable Development Goals.

The environment

Together with the beauty and health industries, Takara Belmont is a leader in the efficient use of water and energy. Furthermore, raw material procurement and resource recycling contribute to environmental conservation.


No company can survive without its many stakeholders. This people-centric approach creates an environment that enables them to take a unique approach to their work.


Takara Belmont works closely with beauty and health professionals in the surrounding community. This can help draw out the vitality of industries and geographic areas.


Takara Belmont founds it useful to respond flexibly to changes in the business environment. This can facilitate strengthening the overall system.


The whole point of the hair, beauty, and health industries is to help people feel better – both physically and about themselves. Takara Belmont is determined to work toward the well-being of all their stakeholders, near and far.

Reaping the rewards

Many leading companies are serious about their eco-conscious commitment and sustainability. Indeed, L’Oréal Group is working towards community goals through their Sustainable Salon Emotion program.

So it is no surprise that L’Oréal Group chose Takara Belmont for the furnishings of the renovated historic headquarters in Paris, now called Le Visionnaire – Espace François Dalle.

This 4,200 square meter site will be dedicated to the transmission of culture. It will be a place of inspiration and creativity to innovate and invent the future of beauty.

On the occasion of the magnificent inauguration of this space located at 14 rue Royale in Paris, Takara Belmont presented a series of exclusive products, specially designed and manufactured, capable of expressing and embodying the value, style, history and charm of L’Oréal Group, the French Giant, worldwide leader in beauty.

Iconic products that support the pioneering spirit of this Maison include Yume. The most luxurious and innovative wash unit in the world is present at Le Visionnaire – Espace François Dalle. However, this is an exclusive version equipped with a foldable leg rest, a simplified structure and an “ad hoc” upholstery color. Iconic Takara Belmont styling chairs, mirrors and trolleys can also be found.

Takara Belmont puts a lot of care and dedication into their furnishing solutions. The goal is to represent excellence of design, customization and attention to detail, but above all quality, well-being and eco-sustainability. In the future the founding values ​​of Takara Belmont will meet all the most exclusive needs of the beauty world.


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