22 July 2024

The award-worthy collection: secrets to success

If an award-worthy collection is the next step in your hairdressing career, learn all the secrets from Ruth Roche.

Unless you are certain you can create an award-worthy collection, it may not be such a good idea to enter a competition, like NAHA or the ABS Global Image Awards. But if you feel it’s time to truly test your mettle, maybe even on the global stage, why not get some expert advice from Ruth Roche – a winner of multiple awards, salon owner, and professional educator.

To stay on your game, and push your professional boundaries. This is why I love entering competitions!” says Ruth. “When you embrace the journey of creating your own collection, and dedicate your time, money, and diligence to this vision only you have, it is transformative in all areas of your life.”

Roche is a powerhouse of creativity. Her award-worthy collections feature conceptual avant-garde styles, but she is also lends her artistry to every day hair. All that matters is that it is beautiful, be it purely artistic or office-wearable.

Ruth explains, “Creating collections and entering competitions elevates your professional image and ups your game! But there are other reasons as well.” Here, Ruth Roche makes some suggestions about how entering a competition can be a life- and career-changing experience. Then she will share how you can create your own award-worthy collection.

EsteticaUSA has published Ruth Roche’s spectacular creative work.

Stay involved, keep learning, and never stop chasing your dream!! 

Ruth Roche

Why you should strive to create an award-winning collection

How can entering a competition push someone’s creativity?

This sort of challenge expands your creative brain. It forces us to learn knew things by creating something we may not currently know how to achieve  As always anything we learn in one area of our work helps in others as well. It can help by giving us a fresh perspective.

How can it change perspective?

 I strongly believe that artists who have been in the industry for years, or just getting started, can truly hone their “eye”, and elevate their skills as a professional. 

Working towards a photographic objective helps develop your eye. A photograph makes it instantly obvious what needs to be adjusted or changed. Then this translates to everyday work as well, by teaching us to ‘see’ our work more objectively!

What other professional advantages can be gained?

Designing an award-worthy collection helps to build your brand. If done correctly, it should showcases your unique talents! If you should place or even win, this increases your notoriety and boosts your confidence. You’re making your name more visible. With you taking photos, videos, and behind the scenes shots along the way, you are building up your portfolio and creating a timeline of your experience.

Throughout the process, it will require you to assess your brand, business, and overall approach to business. 

How can an award-worthy collection benefit a salon?

This is truly one of the most valuable aspects to the growth potential for stylists. Team work, makes the dream work! Throughout the journey, you will work with amazing people, and be able to build up your team. 

If you participate in a team category of a collection, it can build your team! Entering a ‘team’ category can boost morale and push your salon team to new heights!

How often should a hairdresser enter a competition?

The more often, the better. When you compete regularly, it gives you a perspective on your professional growth. You have a record of your progress as an artists and are always building your portfolio!

What’s the best way to prepare an award-worthy collection?

Trying new skills, and working with people who have walked the path you desire, are great places to start moving towards your goal.

I have been so grateful for all of the lessons along the way, and even created a FREE workshop, “5 Elements to an Award Worthy Collections” to help you wherever you are. Click here for more information  

Ruth Roche also offers coaching to individuals or teams who want to enter competitions. Her lessons include concept development and skills needed to achieve an award-worthy collection!


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