21 July 2024

REBEL – Eras of Anarchy by RUSH Artistic Team 

Paying homage to the exemplars of British fashion, the Rush Artistic Team present REBEL – Eras of Anarchy.

REBEL - Eras of Anarchy
Tina Farey on-stage

RUSH initially used the REBEL – Eras of Anarchy concept at the show they did recently in Chicago. They then changed elements of the concept for a more intimate seminar in London. They then pared it right back for a small intimate audience at their London Academy.

The presentation is inspired by quintessential British fashion begins with a futuristic take on Punk and its subculture and activist nature. The Punk aesthetic is a visual expression of the heretic lifestyle and the expression of revolutionaries, which the Rush Artistic Team have interpreted in their inimitable style.

The Punk subculture includes a diverse array of ideologies, fashion, visual art, dance, literature and film which the team have referenced within this collection.  Non-conformity underpins the techniques they use. As International Artistic Director Andy Heasman says, “when you know the rules you, can break the rules”. That’s exactly what Rush are doing.

New Punk then gets a transformation as a haunting darkness provides the backdrop to the second presentation. A wonderland of editorial and Avant Garde hair lead by Editorial director Tina Farey and her team providing an otherworldly experience, also taking inspiration from fashions idols.

REBEL - Eras of Anarchy
Andy Heasman on-stage

“Our goals with both presentations is to disrupt the way we think about hair. This is in the same way as fashion luminaries continue to transform our perception of contemporary fashion, “ says Andy Heasman, Rush International Artistic Director (above). “We want to take the audience on an eclectic journey. A visual feast that inspires in an inimitable Rush style.” 


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