21 July 2024

Winter Blondes – Keeping It Cool, Classy & Healthy

Winter blondes are stunning when they’re done right. It’s all about keeping it cool, classy and healthy.

Winter Blondes: Keep it Cool

Winter Blondes
Creative Direction: Bruno Marc Giamattei Hair: Sevda Durukan, Alberto Di Domenico and Daniel Spiller Creative Assistance: Valentina Malta and Gregory Mastrostefano Photography: Jamie Blanshard Make-up: Katie Moore Styling: Ellen Spiller Products: JOICO

While a bit of warmth is fine for brunettes and whiskey shades, it doesn’t quite work for a Winter blonde. In the cooler months it’s likely that most of your blonde clientele are looking much more pale when it comes to their skin tone. So that gorgeous, warm caramel they were rocking through the Summer can start to look a little muddy. Now’s the time to sit down with your blonde client and see what they’re after for Winter, before advising them on the best icy, fresh shades that will complement their skin tone. Also, don’t forget lilac blonde; it’s a colour trend that’s been gaining momentum throughout the warmer months but is actually the perfect solution for a client who wants a subtle touch of colour while remaining completely cool.
Care tip: Make it easy for your clients to keep their colour fresh and advise them to invest in a purple shampoo and conditioner; this way they’re not adding anything new to their regime.

Keep it Classy

Winter Blondes
Colour & Cut: Marc Antoni Artistic Team  Photography: Jamie Blanshard (Jamie Blanshard Photography) Products: Blonde Life and LumiShine 

When it comes to Winter blondes you can’t get more classic than an ash blonde or Champagne shade. Considered two of the most wearable blondes, these two classics work because they give hair an undone appeal and look their most stunning when blended with creamy beige highlights. However, you don’t have to discount a warmer blonde altogether (despite our earlier advice); if these classics are a bit too cool, the important thing to remember for clients who can benefit from a touch of warmth is to keep it light and golden. This way the blonde will look radiant and fresh.
Care tip: Encourage your clients to purchase products that are multi-tasking, such as a styling cream that also keeps the hair hydrated.

Keep it Healthy

Winter Blondes
Model: Olga Colour: Paul Watts  Cut & Styling: Marcus Giamattei  Photography: Jamie Blanshard

For most of your blonde clients, Winter isn’t the time for playing with grungy texture; more often they want their blonde to look fresh, hydrated and gorgeously glossy. This means glossing treatments at the salon and an easy-to-follow at home regime. As well as a hydrating shampoo and conditioner combo, now is the time to bring in a nourishing hair mask once a week, to ensure the hair is in optimum condition.
Care tip: Think brightening masks for shimmer and shine and finishing oils to seal in hydration on the ends.


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