18 July 2024

Touch Up Appointments – A Game Changer?

Touch up appointments are a game changer for both hairdressers and clients alike – they are shorter, much more efficient and bring in profit.

Touch up

Ask yourself – do I really offer a Touch Up appointment service? Well, if you don’t, perhaps it’s time you did! “This is a service that I really enjoy,” explains Lea Shaw, owner of Rural Fringe and Joico Europe Blonde Ambassador. “It gives me the opportunity to really care for my client’s hair, which I find extremely important. It is also a service that is going to really benefit your clients whether they are looking to maintain their hair or bring their hair back to good health. Here are some tips and techniques that I recommend during ‘touch up’ appointments.

What can my clients expect when coming in for a touch up appointment?

My Touch up appointments include:

  • Hairline foils
  • Partial highlight-from Crown to front
  • Face framing foils
  • Gloss
  • Treatment
  • Cut and blow dry

“The first step is to use hairline foils,” continues Lea Shaw. “These start just below the crown and continue through the parting and face frame. This touch up will see my client through until Christmas where she will have a full cover service.

“As a hairdresser I care about my client’s hair and want to ensure the health and longevity of their hair. This service is also great for clients who have compromised hair. Using minimal foiling alongside the home care I suggest gives the hair a chance to recover and rebuild.

“Even when a client’s hair is in perfect condition, hair care is something a never overlook. Touch ups are not just about maintaining your current look, but they are about transforming your client’s hair and bringing it back to life. Whether your client wants to maintain their hair until Christmas or are looking to bring their hair back to good health this appointment is the solution to a lot of hair needs.

“So, if you don’t already have a touch up service, this is your sign to start offering one! Also, you need to take my word for it, the JOICO K-Pak 4-step hair repair treatment is a treatment you really do not want to miss out on. I hope my tips and techniques give you something to think about and help you to take your skills to the next level!”


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