21 July 2024

Nymphs Collection by Viktoriia Vradii

Renowned Ukrainian stylist Viktoriia Vradii presents this exquisite avant-garde hairstyles collection inspired by Greek mythology.

Viktoriia Vradii has crafted a fabulous collection around the myth of nymphs, mythological beings of nature who have been everlasting sources of inspiration in the world of fashion. These divinities, present in Greek mythology, embody the beauty and grace found in flora and fauna. Their free-spirited nature and connection to the earth have influenced designers and artists throughout history. Nymphs embody an ethereal and organic aesthetic, translating into flowing garments, natural fabrics, and soft colors. Their influence is evident in collections that evoke the elegance of nature, creating a balance between the divine and the earthly in contemporary fashion.

Vradii emphasizes that she “wanted to highlight the beauty, dynamism, and harmony of the nymphs while showcasing the versatility of hairstyles.” Stylist, hairdresser, and educator; born on August 18, 1986, in Odessa, Ukraine. Viktoriia Vradii is the founder of Le Salon VRV and VRV Academy. Additionally, she is an educator and runs her own YouTube channel as a blogger. Constantly, Viktoriia seeks new challenges for her professional career, which have taken her as far as she has aimed. As a true Ukrainian role model, Viktoriia always maintains a positive, kind, and polite attitude.

Hair: Viktoriia Vradii
Photography: Desmond Murray
Fashion Styling: Jamie Russell
Make-up: Lauren Mathis
Products: Davines


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