16 July 2024

Establishing your Personal Brand

Audrey Adrine Petrosyan has noticed that many people believe that our personal brand is solely based on our appearance and clothing. However, your personal brand is more about what people say about you when you’re not in the room. Petrosyan explains how you can grow your brand.

PHOTO: Liza Litvinovich
Establishing your personal brand is important for your salon business – and it’s not all about appearances. Substance counts. Here Audrey Adrine Petrosyan, salon professional cum journalist, makes suggestions on how your can grow your brand.

What can help you in establishing your personal brand? It’s increasingly important to do so in today’s economy. Many people tend to believe that our personal brand is solely based on our appearance and clothing. However, this is far from the truth. Your personal brand is more about what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

In the 1960s, many corporate companies used quizzes during job interviews to assess candidates’ logical and critical thinking abilities. One of these quizzes was as follows: You arrive in a small town and are in search of a hairdresser. You discover there are only two hairdressers in town. One has a cute, well-decorated salon and appears very put together with a great color and cut. The other has a simple, clean, but slightly messy salon, with an outdated haircut and color. Who would you choose?

Chances are, you answered incorrectly! Let me explain. In this small town, there are only two hairdressers. This implies that they do each other’s hair. Therefore, you should choose the hairdresser who excels at cutting and coloring hair and is too busy to constantly organize and decorate her space.

Unlocking your Personal Brand… with 3 words!

In the hair industry, your work also represents their brand. In the ever-evolving world of beauty, it is crucial to build and maintain your personal brand. In today’s digital age, clients have access to a wealth of information on social media, making it easy for them to find new hairstylists. Therefore, it’s essential to establish strong relationships with your clients, whether you’re an independent chair renter or employee in a salon. Your personal brand is the reason clients choose you.

Let’s start by assessing where you currently stand. Conduct an exercise to discover what people say about you. Text five or more people and ask them to describe you in three words. Then compile the words in a column and identify the most frequently used ones. These words represent what people associate with your name.

“Your brand is your canvas; make it beautiful and unforgettable!”

Audrey Adrine Petrosyan

From 3 words – to your Personal Brand

Once you have your results, consider how satisfied you are with them. Is there anything you’d like to change? Write down three words on a piece of paper that you’d like to be described with as a hairdresser. Now, let’s explore how to achieve that.

Define Your Distinctive Style:

Your personal brand as a hairdresser begins with your distinctive style. Are you known for classic cuts, avant-garde designs, or eco-friendly practices? Define what sets you apart and makes you exceptional. Keep in mind that your preferences may change over time. This is not a lifetime commitment, but rather a reflection of who you are today.

Know Your Demographic:

Understanding your clientele is crucial. Identify the type of customers you want to attract and tailor your branding efforts to their preferences. Different age groups, cultures, and style preferences require customized approaches. Remember that this may evolve as you grow in the industry, but be clear about the clients you want to have in your chair.

Create a Memorable Visual Identity:

Your personal brand encompasses not only your skills but also the visual representation of your business. This includes your logo, salon or station decor, and attire. A consistent and appealing visual identity can leave a lasting impression on your clients, whether you work in a large salon or on your own. Think of your personal visual identity.

Showcase Your Work:

Utilize social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to display your hairdressing skills. Regularly post high-quality images of your work with informative captions. This can help you build a dedicated online following. When crafting captions, remember that TikTok and Instagram have powerful search engines. So use keywords that potential clients might actually look for when seeking a new hairstylist in your area.

Build an Engaging Online Presence:

Establishing your personal brand goes beyond a simple online presence and your portfolio. Interact with your followers, share haircare tips, and engage in conversations about industry trends. Respond to comments and messages promptly to create a personal connection. Be sure to focus on the audience you want to attract. Remember that discussing topics that align with your expertise can be more effective.

Network and Collaborate:

Collaborate with other professionals in the beauty and fashion industry. Partnering with makeup artists, photographers, or fashion stylists for photo shoots or events can expand your reach and introduce you to new potential clients.

Continuous Learning:

Stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in hairdressing. Attend workshops, take courses, and earn certifications to demonstrate your dedication to growth and excellence.

Be Authentic:

Your personal brand should authentically represent who you are as a hairdresser. Avoid trying to be something you’re not. It’s authenticity that builds trust and loyalty with your clients.

Following these steps can help you in establishing your personal brand. Remember that your brand not only sets you apart, but also helps you thrive in the competitive world of hairdressing.


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