10 December 2023

Curls in Motion at ECRU New York

With Curls in Motion, the Creative Evolution continues at ECRU New York with the celebration of the unique quality of curly hair.

Curls in Motion is Story Six of Faceless Beauty, the collection created by ECRU NewYork. This creative evolution transcends the Faceless into a life form of beauty. Mannequins represent our perception of the human body and its beauty for a specific time period as an evolutionary reflection. Faceless. Is she strong? Youthful or Vintage? Classy, Edgy, or Elegant? Let’s redefine what beauty really means.


Story 6 of ECRU New York‘s Faceless Beauty collection celebrates and appreciating curly hair. Curly hair has a unique and captivating quality that sets it apart from straight hair and can be a beautiful expression of natural diversity. But what is the best way to cut and style curly hair. It depends on just how curly that hair is, its length, and your client’s personality!

CURLS IN MOTION suggests that the beauty of curly hair is not static; it’s dynamic and full of life.

The PRO’s Perspective

Curly hair is just another fabric. It shouldn’t be scary, says Amanda Jenkins. “I approach all hair the same when it comes to cutting. Create the shape with a strong foundation. Clients should have the option to wear their hair straight or curly. It is up to us to show them how to dry their curls for the style we create. Never let them leave wet.

The Kit: Curl Rejuvenation. Air Dry Foam and Rejuvenating Moisture Mist. Everything you need for perfectly hydrated, natural, soft curls. 

Hair: Lisa Lobosco, Creative Director ECRU New York, and Amanda Jenkins, Global Director of Education ECRU New York Academy

Photo: Bochun Cheng

Fashion Designer: Yun Qu Videmus Omnia

To learn the techniques created, register live or virtual at https://www.ecrunewyork.com/ecru-academy


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