16 July 2024

Tribu-te Show 2023: A Spectacular Showcase in Paris

The world of hairdressing was set ablaze last Sunday as the iconic Folies Bergère in Paris played host to the sensational Tribu-te Show 2023.

This year’s Tribu-te Show witnessed the convergence of some of the most acclaimed hairdressing talents from across the globe. From the United Kingdom to France, the stage at Folies Bergère was graced by five internationally renowned hairdressing teams, creating an unforgettable night of creativity and innovation.

Organized by Mike Vincent and Tribu-te Magazine, the Tribu-te Show 2023 was a mesmerizing journey through the artistry of hairdressing, featuring the exceptional talent of Danilo Giangreco (UK), Emmanuel Esteban (France/UK), Trevor Sorbie (UK), Alexandre de Paris (France), and Christophe Gaillet (France). These maestros of coiffure brought their unique perspectives and creativity to the stage, leaving the audience in awe.

Danilo Giangreco, hailing from the UK, wowed the spectators with his avant-garde creations and intricate hairstyling. His ability to seamlessly blend modern trends with traditional elegance left a lasting impression.

Emmanuel Esteban, a French icon based in London, showcased his amazing skills in hair artistry. His daring color combinations and innovative techniques, featuring sensitive UV haircoloring, were nothing short of remarkable.

Trevor Sorbie, featuring artistic director Giuseppe Stelitano, demonstrated why this iconic brand remains a pioneer in the industry. His whimsical styles and visionary approach to hairdressing were celebrated by the audience.

The legacy of the legendary Alexandre de Paris was proudly represented by the brand’s team, who showcased timeless elegance and sophistication in their hairstyling.

Finally, Christophe Gaillet, the renowned French hair icon, made an indelible impression through his audacious and imaginative performance, seamlessly transitioning through multiple looks, and displaying unwavering dedication to precision, reaffirming that hairstyling is, without a doubt, an art form.

The Tribu-te Show 2023 at the Folies Bergère was a testament to the boundless creativity and innovation in the world of hairdressing. It celebrated the rich tapestry of talent and expertise that transcends borders, inspiring professionals and enthusiasts alike. The legacy of the Tribu-te Show continues to shine brightly in the ever-evolving world of beauty and fashion.


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