16 July 2024

How To: Haley Bennett’s Bardot-esque Look by Giannandrea

For those enchanted by the ethereal allure of French romance à la Brigitte Bardot, celebrity hairstylist Giannandrea’s creation for actress Haley Bennett during the Rome Film Festival’s red carpet was nothing short of magic.

Giannandrea sculpted a look reminiscent of the iconic Bardot era, for Haley Bennett‘s red carpet for the movie “Widow Clicquot”. Learn how to recreate this timeless elegance and get ready to captivate the world with this whimsical look created by celebrity hairstylist Giannandrea:

1. I started with freshly shampoo hair light conditioner, towel dry.

2. Apply a massive amount of Volumizing Mousse all over roots & length. Wide comb through.

3. Section the top first in 3 parts using a mid-size round brush start by blow drying each section upwards and rounding up as you dry the ends, roll & dry only do not stretch or pull. Then spray ends with a hair setting spray, use fingers to roll in wide and clip in place. Go on to section sides and back in the same exact manner and always dry upwards and clip in. In total about 15 sections: you need to maximize the volume all over, once done leave to cool down for about 20 min.

4. Prep bangs if you know how to make one using extensions and netting (artisanal job) or you need to buy ready-made clip in, that color match. The bangs need to be wide large and thick for this look, razor cut short in front lower base above. And yes: it must be an edgy fringe type very Frenchy –“not straight!”– the bangs go in the head for last. If in doubt Google and look at Brigitte Bardot young photos for bangs inspo!

5. Take all the sections clips out, “do not use a brush” but use a wide tooth comb only. Comb through gently all the way down to ends.

6. Section top front part 2 inches from hairline and secure with wavy bobby pins, this section will be hidden under the bangs make sure is secured.

7. Back comb top crown to get a super voluminous top bump, clip it in place for now.

8. Take the bangs and positions in place making sure it’s balanced and evenly placed to frame the face, clip in and use straight pins in the back to give extra grip. Now take parts of the bump to cover and smooth the hair over the bangs piece to make it as one, no gaps here.

9. Finish by pinning in the sides in the back below crown, simply and lightly not tight, the overall feel has to be soft and very feminine in vibe. Using your fingers add a touch of a light oil to smooth all the ends all around the frame of the hair – just a bit, to give light.

Hair spray the top part only bangs & bump… and voilà, the look is ready!” says Giannandrea.

Hair: Giannandrea for Verve Artists
Makeup: Eleonora Juglair for Verve Artists

Photo by Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images


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