12 July 2024

Show Création by Haute Coiffure Française shines at Folies Bergère

Amidst the heart of Paris, in the hallowed halls of the legendary Folies Bergère, a new, spectacular show by Haute Coiffure Française unfolded.

The Hair Congress, an annual gathering of hair professionals, played host to the resplendent Show Création” by Haute Coiffure Française (HCF). It was a matinee of unparalleled success, marking the culmination of creative excellence and global collaboration, as HCF members from all corners of the world convened to celebrate the art of hairdressing.

Directed by the visionary HCF Artistic Director, Christophe Gaillet, the event was a testament to the union of artistic talent. The HCF Creative Team, comprising Laurianne Baésa, Élodie Blancher, Damien Dussert, Emmanuel Esteban, Pierre Ginsburg, Élodie Hue, Constance Laporte, Philippe Laurent, Jean-Baptiste Santens, Geoffrey Tentillier, Laurent Tourette, and Éric Zemmour, combined their extraordinary skills to present “La Ligne 2023 – Rive Gauche,” a collection that left the audience in awe, and the “Illusion” creations that showcased the team’s most inspiring hair art looks, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with hair. The show was more than a mere display of hairstyling; it was a mesmerizing spectacle of artistry and innovation! Furthermore, HCF’s Élodie Hue presented her Capsule collection, a showcase of her unparalleled talent.

The grand affair commenced with a fabulous presentation by HCF Romania, which featured whimsical avant-garde styles that set the stage for an unforgettable day. Pascal Bizolon, Haute Coiffure Française President, and Mike Vincent, HCF Vice President, graced the stage with warm welcomes, celebrating the 76-year-old institution’s enduring legacy.

The highlight of the matinee was the HCF Awards Ceremony, where Bizolon and Elisabete Casaca, President of the Trophée Haute Coiffure Française, announced the winners on stage: Pascal Lombardo (Avant-Après), Javier Ventoso (Homme), Ivonne Martens (Femme), Adrian Paoluccio (Avant-garde), Edoardo Colasanti (Young Talent) and Olga Tereschenko (Équipe). Ivonne Martens was declared the absolute winner, receiving the 2023 HCF Trophée. The ceremony was a celebration of the passion and dedication that lie at the heart of HCF’s extraordinary success.

Show Création was more than a show – it was a masterpiece in the world of hair fashion, fusing tradition and innovation in a breathtaking display of creativity and craftsmanship that will be remembered for years to come.


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