30 November 2023

Seasonal Match – Autumn Shades of Colour with Alex Thaddeus

Autumn is more than well on its way, and as usual, the hair colours begin a seasonal match with the autumnal foliage.

Seasonal Match

Coppers and reds are filling the salon. However as a hair colourist, how do you help your clients be part of the trend, while creating a colour that suits them and their lifestyle? As a Goldwell and Wella Master Colourist, Alex Thaddeus shares his advice on making a seasonal match with autumn hair trends!

The Vision

Firstly, a consultation for a colour change is always necessary. A consultation session becomes a crucial step to identify the perfect shade that not only aligns with seasonal trends but also complements the client’s skin tone and daily life. When a client comes in for a consultation and gives you their vision, you want to be able to match it as much as you possibly can. It’s important to be able to adapt depending on clients wants and needs.

My first step is to draw inspiration from the natural shades around us, allowing clients to feel connected to the season through their hair. I also find looking on Instagram is helpful, see what other colourists are doing and how they are achieving their colours. Salons are so creative these days and are creating all sorts of autumn shades, such as ‘Pumpkin spice’, ‘Cinnamon Red’ and ‘Fiery Orange’ so this is a great place to find inspiration.

The Transformation

I say transformation, but sometimes it is more of a subtle change. While Autumn calls for bold and warm tones, finding the balance is crucial. Some clients may opt for a dramatic change, embracing deep reds and intense coppers, while others may prefer a more subtle transition. As a Master Colourist, I guide clients toward shades that resonate with their style, ensuring a look that feels authentic and comfortable. Autumn trends are not one-size-fits-all. Each client deserves a unique colour that enhances their features and suits their lifestyle. Through personalised formulations and techniques, I tailor the colours to highlight a client’s best features, creating a beautiful Autumn look.


Educating clients on the proper maintenance and care of their Autumn-inspired hair is essential. Recommending quality products and establishing a hair care routine tailored to the specific colour helps clients preserve the vibrancy and health of their hair.

To summarise, seasons are a great time to have fun with colours and embrace it. How fun that we can all match our hair to the leaves?


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