18 July 2024

Swinging London Chic Look from the Chic Collection!

This shaggy pixie cut in Farouk’s Chic Collection goes by the name of London because it evokes a skyline filled with stone and steel in contrasts of gray and black. Get all the how to’s here!

Farouk Systems, Inc. knows it’s a special occasion when its artists collaborate to introduce a new collection of colors created with the LG CHI Color Master Factory, a digital color lab able to formulate over 30,000 color combinations at the touch of a finger. The CHIC Collection — seven new looks inspired by global destinations like London — is no different.

indeed, this smoky hue of this shaggy pixie cut resembles London’s notable landscape filled with stone and steel. The contrast of the gray and black tones creates an edgy look that is extremely versatile.

Plus, there is no denying the power of a shaggy pixie cut! It’s a statement in and of itself because of how it frames the face and enhances the cheekbones. The tousled, wind-blown texture brings out the variations of length within the cut to make the hair appear thicker and add movement.


1: Starting at the crown, use vertical partings and project the hair up to a 120-degree angle to create a stationary guideline.

2: Comb the front hairline back to blend the side and keep sideburn length.

3: Use a 120-degree angle and cut the back to the guideline.

4: Using perpendicular partings, razor cut on both sides by cutting horizontally.

5: Using vertical sections, blend the exterior with the interior and follow the curve of the head to blend the sides.

6: Project the hair to the ceiling and point cut. Release fringe and project vertical to connect to the guideline.

7: Comb the hair to a natural fall and point cut to create a soft asymmetric fringe.


Formula 1:

29.57 ml CHI Bleach & Shine 20 volume CHI Color Generator + 3 pumps of CHI Bond Rebuilder (for root touch-up application)

Formula 2:

29.57 ml 10s + 29.57 ml 11I + 2 shots of 1n + 3.75 ml violet additive + 88.71 ml 10 volume CHI Color Generator

Formula 3:

14.79 ml 1n + 14.79 ml 10 volume CHI Color Generator

8: Apply Formula 1 to new growth and process to your desired level. Rinse and shampoo with CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Shampoo. Rough dry hair and apply Formula 2 on entire head.

9: Tape down the fringe ends to create a barrier, leaving 1 inch out. Apply Formula 3, creating a peek-a-boo effect to the front fringe, sideburns, and nape.

The CHIC Collection by CHI, created by:

HAIR: Mego Ayvazian, Patrick Kalle, Wesley Palmer, Joshua Bernard, Sarah Harris & assistance from Lorena Garcia
MAKEUP ARTISTS: Jannette Marin & Ashley Reyna
PHOTO: Mohammed Ghanayem


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