2 December 2023

Acid Riot: from Schwarzkopf Professional

ACID RIOT, INTENTION NOW AND RE-ROOTED – these are the Essential Looks F/W2023 Collection by Schwarzkopf Professional. This season further explores the importance of emotions and feelings.

ACID RIOT, INTENTION NOW, AND RE-ROOTED – these are the Essential Looks 2:2023 by Schwarzkopf Professional. This season further explores the importance of emotions and feelings. An international team of trend experts analyzes influencing factors that motivate people to act globally and to integrate themselves into one. All with a view of orientating ourselves in an ever-changing world. These three trends influence what is presented on the catwalk and what fashion is in the Streets, but also how we live and what we eat every day.

The ACID RIOT trend presented here below features wild movement that pushes all boundaries traditional identities blurred.


  1. Cut the hair while dry, free-hand, following the natural fall of the hair.

2. First of all, define the base length on the dry hair.

3. Use scissors on individual on the individual strands with the Slice Cut technique to obtain a natural structure.

4. On dry hair, work by sight and proceed by sections.

5. Adapt the side strands to the base length.

6. Shorten the contour on the front and define the base length in this way.

7. Work the hair on the top of the head in individual strands lifted up at an angle.

8. Finally, create a connection between the top of the head and the front, adapting again the individual locks to the form of the whole head.

9. It is important that the whole be tousled, that the coif have a live-in and natural vibe. The overall shape should be harmonious.


  1. Free-style technique: Acid Rinse. The hair has already been lightened.

2. Create 5 sections, of which one should be asymmetric to the top of the head, which includes the crown.

3. On the right side, apply a bright shade of pink to the roots. The lengths will have a different shade of pink.

4. Roots and lengths should be different shades to create depth and dimension.

5. Choose a different shade for each section.

6. When the sides and the back of the head have different tones, let down the hair on the top of the head.

7. Subdivide the hair on the top into 4 asymmetric parts.

8. In order to create an overall fluidity, always use a different color for the roots and the lengths on the top of the head.

9. The Acid Rinse technique combines vibrant colors and pastel shades to create a highly personalized grunge look.


The creators of Essential Looks 2:2023

The Essential Looks Collection for Fall/Winter 2023 was created by a select group of experienced artists from the areas of color, cutting and styling. All are united by a Passion for hair and their shared commitment to inspire and further training:

CHRISTOS MICHAILIDIS Schwarzkopf Professional, Guest Artist

NICK IRWIN Schwarzkopf Professional, Global Styling Ambassador

ASHLEE NORMAN Schwarzkopf Professional, Guest Artist

TYLER JOHNSTON Schwarzkopf Professional, Global Ambassador

GRACE DALGLEISH Schwarzkopf Professional, Guest Artist

LESLEY JENNISON Schwarzkopf Professional, Global Ambassador

About the products

IGORA ZERO AMM is the latest hair color innovation from Schwarzkopf Professional. The vegan range is free of ammonia and ammonia smell and is aimed at conscious consumers seeking out “free-from” products. The phytolipid technology offers the formulation of consistent, true color results and up to 100% grey coverage. The 46 nuances of this permanent color cream range from a gentle bronze tone to bright red. IGORA ZERO AMM offers the same reliable performance as all of the other products in the IGORA family, but without Ammonia. “This is a truly wonderful product. I love the range, especially the more natural ones Color expression that some of the nuances produce. The is great for all customers,” says Lesley Jennison.


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