30 November 2023

Undulating Parisian Plait – Step-by-Step Technique by Laurent Voisinet

This season, the chic, sophisticated attitude of the Parisian woman is at the core of what’s trending in formal updos. The Undulating Parisian Plait by Laurent Voisinet expresses this perfectly.

From timeless classics to current trends with ultra natural shades, captivating brown and delicate blonde. This looks takes its inspiration from the bustling streets of the French capital and and its flood of iconic actresses and cult ‘maisons dehaute couture’. Rendezvous in the streets of an exhilarating centre of style and heritage. The Undulating Parisian Plait by Laurent Voisinet is presented here as a simple-to-follow Step-by-Step Technique. Add a touch of Parisian chic to your salon repetoire!

Undulating Parisian Plait


1 Section a triangle from the eyebrows to the apex of the head and secure with a clear elastic band. Make a second parting below and secure it under the first. Continue in the same way to create 5 ponytails.

Undulating Parisian Plait

2 – 3 Divide the first ponytail into two, dividing the top one down on each side of the lower one. Secure with an elastic band.

4 – 5 Follow the same procedure with the other sections.

6 – 7 Once they’ve all been done, smooth the edges to blend in the partings using a fine comb or bun brush (optional).

8 – 9 Ease out each spiral section to make it wider.  

10 – 11 Roll up the ponytail and secure it into a low centre bun (optional).


CREATIVE DIRECTION: Laurent Voisinet & Latil Pascal  PRODUCTION: ELP Hair Production PHOTOS & RETOUCHING: Latil Pascal MAKE-UP: Stéphanie Joffroy STYLING: Véronique Suchet  IN ASSOCIATION WITH: WELLA France / Marc Casez & Emmanuel Mandon 


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