12 July 2024

American Balayage – Step-by-Step Technique from Fabian Maier

The name American Balayage creates a juxtaposition in our minds: a traditionally Continental colour terchnique, but with an unmistakably Transatlantic flavour!

American Balayage is an example of the outstandingly creative colour work of Fabian Maier. It’s a modern statement look which is defined by its bold money piece and soft, natural contrasts. It’s an expressive Balayage technique to make every fashionista ready to glam!

American Balayage



1 Separate the hair into four-section cross. The money piece (the section of hair around the face) is divided separately.

American Balayage

2 The sections are divided into two-finger-width intervals.

American Balayage

3 Separate a fine strand from the lower section. Hold the ends tight and backcomb up to create a light teasy. Push it up towards the roots until you get a clean canvas to work on.

American Balayage

4 Make sure you apply the lightener thoroughly. This ensures you an even, high lift throughout the lifting process.

American Balayage

5 Work your way up both sides until you have four foils on either side.

American Balayage

6 You now need to section off a horizontal highlighted section, parallel to the natural hair line. Apply lightener thoroughly.

American Balayage

7 For a bold face frame, apply to three foils on each side of the hair line. Keep aside any baby hairs to create a more blended look.

American Balayage

8 From the sides, follow through to the back at two-finger-width intervals.

9 Keeping aside any shorter pieces of hair will create a softer, more blended look with natural highlights. With a hair clip secure all the hair kept aside.

10 Apply the lightener diagonally to ensure a soft gradient. Make sure to blend the lightener upwards to prevent any harsh lines.

11 You should have three foils on each side remaining. Starting diagonally, work through to the horizontal while working upwards. The last two highlights should be parallel to the natural parting.

12 Finish off with a root smudge to create a perfect, seamless blend. You can glaze the lengths and tips individually, depending on the shade of colour desired.

American Balayage


Hair & Colour: Fabian Maier at Fabian Maier Balayage Salon, Stuttgart, Germany


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