9 December 2023

Burnished Copper & Chromis Lustre – Goldwell’s Colours of the Season

Goldwell is very happy to share the 4th instalment of the brand’s 2023 “Colours of the Season.” It introduces two captivating and trend-setting hues: Burnished Copper & Chromis Lustre.

These vibrant shades – Burnished Copper & Chromis Lustre – eptomise Goldwell‘s commitment to revolutionising the hair colourindustry by pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering stunning results.


This serves as a bold and contemporary interpretation of brown and takes the artistry of hair colouring to new heights. With warm undertones infused with a fresh and modern approach, this shade accentuates the natural beauty and versatility of brown shades. The transformative color celebrates individuality and evokes a sense of natural elegance to bring out the best in every hair type, from luxurious waves to sleek, straight styles.

“Burnished Copper exudes an illuminating warmth that emanates a radiant light akin to the golden hour in autumn,” says Jane Boddy, Global Color Expert. “Bursting with orange, red, and yellow layers, it boasts a rich, deep saturation. This gives it an intense and vibrant appearance.”


This is Goldwell’s latest evolution of bluish grey hues, infused with striking levels of blue and also green. This mesmerising shade embodies the essence of modern colour, demanding depth and dimension for a truly captivating appearance. CHROMIS LUSTRE allows hairstylists to unleash their creativity, using a unique and intensified saturation of colors to achieve a contemporary and avant-garde aesthetic. This vibrant shade captivates the eye, drawing attention to every strand, as well as creating a remarkable visual impact.

“CHROMIS LUSTRE is a smoky blue colour that delicately incorporates green and grey levels, portraying a mysterious atmosphere. One that seems to be plucked from the depths of space,” says Boddy. “This unique combination of hues creates a sense of depth and intrigue. The smoky blue base adds tranquility and calmness, while the infusion of green adds an element of vitality. Meanwhile, the grey undertones give the color a contemporary and edgy feeling with a fresh attitude.”


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