18 July 2024

The 5 bobs trending this fall

The last warm days are ending, making it the ideal moment to update your look for the coming fall season with the most fashionable bobs . This classic hair cut has seen extended evolution over the years, and this fall is no exception. Here is a selection of the five trendiest bobs to be taken into consideration for a cool look… as cool as the days to come.

The asymmetric bob is a choice from the 1990s that is getting more and more popular this fall. This style presents an irregular length with a longer part on one side, creating a dynamic and sophisticated look. It’s perfect for those seeking an eye-catching bob without being overly eccentric.

Long Bob… but with bangs

For a more romantic and feminine look, bobs trending this fall include the long bob, Adding bangs is an elegant option that is definitely one of the hottest styles. The bangs can be personalized – curtain or swallow-tail, for example – to enhance your style. Moreover, the long bob lends a touch of elegance without compromising on practicality.

The “Tousled” Bob for Autumn 2023

This variety of bob trending this fall combines the elegance of a bob with a touch of messy casual. This cut features a medium length, usually brushing the shoulders, and is then thinned a bit to get a naturally messy effect. The result is a versatile coif that can be adapted to almost any occasion. The Tousled Bob is perfect for those seeking a style that is both chic but not overly “stiff”. Moreover, it’s easy to personalize with gentle waves or eye-catching texture.

The Shaggy Bob

If you’re craving a look that a bit more grunge and casual, the shaggy bob might fill the bill. Also because it’s still one of the trendiest bobs for this autumn 2023. This cut – aka Shob by the coolest fashionistas –  mixes up the freshness of the classic bob with a touch of rock’n’roll rebellion and grunge. This starts out as a traditional bob cut, but with irregular strands and point-cut tends for a more casual and saucy vibe. The result is a contemporary look with a nod to the 1980s, versatile and suitable to many facial shapes.

The Bubble Bob

This bob stands out for its soft and rounded volume that lends a touch of elegance and femininity to whoever wears it. The secret to this style lies in the creation of soft, well-defined curves that give hair a luxurious and framing look.

The Bubble Bob is perfect for whoever wants a chic yet trendy style. It’s ideal for any type of face and is easy to personalize with color highlights and lowlights for a unique look. Choose the Bubble Bob for a sumptuous and sophisticated hairdo.


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