1 December 2023

Back to work: ideas for practical cuts

Summer has ended… welcome to fall. And we need some new ideas for getting back to our work routines with practical haircuts to get into the swing of autumn fashion. Find some inspiration here.

We are all back from our summer vacation and are getting back to work. This is the perfect time to refresh our daily routine and find a fresh and dynamic hairstyle. Here are five practical cuts to keep us looking great as we get back to work.

Back to the legendary 1990s: the Asymmetric Bob

The Asymmetric Bob is a short and modern cut that adds a touch of elegance to your look with an unmistakable nod to the 1990s. One side is slightly longer than the other, making it easy to maintain and taking very little time to set. It is perfect for women on the go. Especially if they desire a sophisticated and couture style when they go back to work.

The ultimate practical hairstyle: the Pixie Cut

If you are looking for a practical hair cut for when you get back to work… the pixie cut is the perfect choice. This short and eye-catching style is both youthful and suitable for any age. It also takes very little time in daily maintenance. It’s perfect for women who are looking for an attractive yet trendy look. And they needn’t spend hours in front of a mirror.

Longer length, but in moderation: the Long Bob

The long bob – for those who speak “fashionista” better known as the “Lob” –  is a versatile cut that suits many facial shapes and lifestyles. It is slightly longer than the classic bob, which means that you can tie it or braid it depending on your daily needs. Super smooth or wavy, like the images below, the Lob is the best choice for those are looking for a professional style with a vibe of effortless elegance.

Practical and slightly rock: the Shag

The shag cut is perfect if you are looking for something practical to transition from summer to fall with a natural style. This type of hairstyle, a softer version of the bolder (and “lopsided) 1980’s Mullet, offers different lengths and layers. These are the characteristics that make the Shag ideal for wavy or curly hair, or for those who want to add some oomph to thin, smooth hair. It’s a practical choice that is easy to style and lends a youthful and trendy look.

Mid-length curls with Bangs

This charming and slightly vintage option recalls the curly looks of the 1980s. Loose curls add a touch of romanticism, while the bangs frame the face elegantly. This cut is versatile and suited for a wide variety of occasions with minimal maintenance required. It is perfect for those who want to enhance their natural curls yet lends a slightly sophisticated air. With the long curly cut with bangs, you will be ready to face everything that autumn has to offer, from your job to your aperitif!


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