10 December 2023

Luthier Collection by Lindsay Guzman

To make something from nothing is the truest form of art: a blank canvas turns into a landscape that brings you to your knees,” says Lindsay Guzman.

A tree becomes a guitar that brings sound and music to life,” adds Lindsay Guzman.Makers are what make our society have culture and emotion.

This collection pays homage to all those makers worldwide who continue to work countless hours to perfect their craft. Using the hair’s natural bounce and texture we see that it can be enhanced to be breathtaking. Pulling colors that are often seen in the stunning stains and techniques in making guitars – the hair starts to have a glow to it.

Paired with a subtle rock and roll vibe only softened by the bits of lace and antique knit pieces the collection brings a feminine strength that you can almost immediately hear the music that may have inspired it.

Full circle we realize that creativity, craft, imagination, and passion are the core of who we all are. Those who can help us feel it through their own creative discovery should be revered and appreciated. Consider this collection a thank you to all of those who inspired it.

Lead hairstylist: Lindsay Guzman of Elle.b Savvy
Makeup: Melissa Narro
Clothing stylist: Lisa Hunt
Photography: John RawsonPaul Gill


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