30 November 2023

Eternal Rituals: Oribe’s Holiday 2023 Collection

For the Holiday 2023 Collection, Oribe collaborated with multidisciplinary artist and designer Louis Barthélemy.

At Oribe, every product embodies a commitment to design and artisanal craft. It’s only natural that each holiday season, Oribe partners with artists and makers who share a love of craftsmanship and storytelling to create museum-quality works of art. In this way, the hair care company continues to reflect how the late Oribe Canales embraced the art of hairdressing.

For the Holiday 2023 Collection, Oribe chose to collaborate with multidisciplinary artist and designer Louis Barthélemy to bring to life a unique expression of heritage craftsmanship and vivid storytelling. The result is seven limited-edition gift sets, outfitted in a custom design created by Louis.

Based between Cairo, Marrakesh and Paris, Louis centers his practice around the preservation and revival of traditional crafts. He collaborates with artisans from around the world, promoting their work to both protect their livelihoods and ensure the continuation of their expertise through future generations.

When selecting an artist to collaborate with Oribe seeks those who will bring deeply authentic moments to life: “Our artistic partnerships are an opportunity to explore the pinnacle of where human creativity, artistic expression and traditional craft intersect,” explains Vince Stavale, Executive Director of Packaging for Oribe Hair Care. Oribe was inspired by Louis’ exploration and appreciation of ancient Egyptian craft and iconography, both of which have had a significant and long-standing impact on art, design and fashion throughout the Mediterranean — and the world.”

Extraordinary art and craftsmanship: Eternal Rituals

For this limited-edition collection, Louis drew his inspiration from the glamour and spirit of legendary hairstylist and brand co-founder Oribe Canales, crafting three unique vertical works that take their inspiration from the papyrus scrolls of ancient Egypt. Dubbed “Eternal Rituals,” the scenes tell the story of a sublime, long-haired deity whose magnificent hair flows upward like the Nile as characters engraved in the colorful columns tend to her locks.

This whimsical narrative celebrates the timeless daily ritual of experiencing self-affirmation and pampering through caring for one’s hair. As the sun sets in Egypt, we see the warm earth tones and a dusky city fade into the shadows. The electric glow of neon signs along the Nile then dominates the skyline, casting otherworldly tones upon the shadows of a city that is modern yet hides history deep in every corner. The final, hand-drawn pieces are at once playful, sensual, and anchored in historical references.

Ancient Egypt inspires me because it is an Egyptian heritage, an African heritage, but above all a universal heritage that belongs to us all.

In my opinion, it is very important to be open to the other — to otherness — and not to turn in on oneself when it comes to the idea of a static and fixed nation and identity. Modern culture is almost always a hybrid

Louis Barthélemy

The holiday gift sets

More good news

In keeping with Oribe‘s commitment to sustainability, the gift sets use FSC Certified, Green Seal Certified minimum 30% post-consumer fiber papers using a chlorine free process, plus soy inks and renewable electricity. The internal tray consists of 100% biodegradable and renewable plant fiber and can be recycled.

The 2023 Oribe Holiday Collection will be available beginning September 18, 2023, on Oribe.com and at Oribe salons and September 25 at retailers nationwide.


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