10 December 2023

The Best You Can Be: with in-salon treatments

You think you are the best you can be now? Then just wait to see what these treatments can do for your “perfect” coif!

You’ve got a great cut and color. You think you are the best you can be… Yet somehow something is just a little off, a little dull, a little frizzy. What’s a girl (or guy!) to do? Well actually, today there are solutions to help you add some oomph to your near-perfect look.

Wella Professionals SHINEFINITY Color Glaze… the best your color can be!

Wella Professionals SHINEFINITY Color Glaze is a zero lift, zero damage demi-permanent glaze that comes in 37 shades and is suitable for all hair types for infinite shine possibilities. This service can be added to colored or natural hair for irresistible smooth and silky feeling hair and healthy-looking shine that will last up to 6 weeks1!

The “glazed donut” trend has been taking the beauty world by storm- and “glazed donut hair” is the next iteration with 10M TikTok searches. To achieve the ultimate glazed hair look, Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador Dereq Clark recommends this treatment to add a boost of shine to your hair, saying “Be sure to ask your hair stylist about Wella Professionals’ SHINEFINITY Color Glaze. These zero lift, zero damage demi-permanent shades are long-lasting and gives the hair the ultimate shine and richness you need to naturally glow!” See here to find a salon near you that offers Shinefinity glazing services.

The best “post-summer you” you can be

Misconceptions often arise around the idea that summer months are gentler on hair than winter. Although the elevated humidity levels can offer extra moisture to your hair, the reality is that the warmer months can lead to hair damage due to external seasonal elements like intense UV rays, salt water, chlorinated pools, and humidity. And according to this study conducted by Ariana Eginli and May McMichaelhair is most susceptible to breakage during the summer months. 

If your hair requires some tender loving care after this hot summer season, Wella Professionals R&D Product Development Senior Manager, Paula Rufo, pulled together her expert advice on how to fully embrace the fall for total hair restoration. Spoiler alert – a comprehensive bond-repair collection is essential to facilitate mending hair strands both internally and externally. 

According to Paula, “In the summer we tend to spend more time outdoors exposing our hair to UV rays and humidity which requires more treatment applications to our tresses.” To help prevent and treat your hair against the harsh summer elements, she recommends implementing a damage repair regimen like Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair Shampoo, Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair Conditioner and Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue to act as a barrier when left as a barrier against UV rays and chlorine & salt water. 

 Volumize with shine!

The bouncy, blow dry finish has made a return, so bouncy, shiny, healthy hair is definitely trending. IGK Hair just launched two volumizers that are great for achieving these looks at home – Body Language and Pick Me Up,” says IGK Hair co-founder and celebrity hairstylist, Aaron Grenia.

Franck Izquierdo, Co-founder of IGK Hair Care, reminds us that hair types that are more prone to frizz tend to be dryer in nature. This means that hydrating ingredients are really important when trying to avoid frizz. Hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, shea butter are really helpful, so look out for those when choosing a product. IGK’s Good Behavior Collection is formulated with Innovative Bonding Polymers that mimic the frizz-free, high-shine coating of a keratin treatment when activated by heat. So this is always a recommendation he gives his clients with frizzy hair. 

I also recommend opting for haircuts tailored to frizz-prone hair with layers to help reduce bulk and frizz“, says Franck. “Regular trims are important to prevent breakage and keep the hair healthy and hydrated.

Another option is Keratin Complex KCEXPRESS EXPRESSTM Blow Out Smoothing Treatment. This color-locking, speedy smoothing solution is an express service that delivers polished, more manageable hair with results that last up to 6 weeks. KCEXPRESS takes 15 minutes when added to a color service or just 1 hour when used as a standalone service. Moreover, it cuts daily styling time and makes blow-dry time faster and easier. Plus, results last up to 6 weeks.


Defrizz and define!

Hairstylist and colorist Cassandra Olivia recommends LEAF + FLOWER CBD Pro Curl Defining Treatment is an in-salon service that delivers the definition of a curl styler with the longevity an in-salon treatment. It gives shape, reduces frizz and protects all curls types for bouncier, smoother and healthier curls for up to five washes.

My clients love the treatment because they see more defined and less frizzy curls for up to five washes. For my clients who only wash their hair once a week, that means they see up to five weeks of results,” says Cassandra. “Plus, this treatment nourishes the hair bulb so clients will see an improvement in the formation of their curls as hair grows.

My clients love the treatment because they see more defined and less frizzy curls for up to five washes. For my clients who only wash their hair once a week, that means they see up to five weeks of results,” says Cassandra. “Plus, this treatment nourishes the hair bulb so clients will see an improvement in the formation of their curls as hair grows.

The Best “Curlisto” you can be!

Whitney Hunt is a top NYC stylist and a curly girl herself. So, what looks does she see on the horizon for Fall? No matter what cut or style you choose, she insists on the right hair care. “The first step is to shampoo the hair thoroughly to remove any product buildup so the cuticle can breathe,” says Hunt. This is why she recommends Curlisto The Curly One Shampoo to clean, refresh and repair medium- to coarse-textured hair types. “The goal is healthy hair and well-defined curls with minimum frizz.” To that end, the alcohol-free treatment not only refreshes your scalp, but also strengthens and rebuilds cysteine bonds from the inside out, improving curl, definition, and shine. Then“Curlisto The Curly One Conditioner is loaded with ingredients that nourish and protect your curls, a must whether your hair is color-treated or not.

She also recommends the Curlisto line of styling products. Just choose the one that best for the look you’re craving. “You’ve got to remember that curl pattern differs from person to person. You could have a combination of tight curl and loose curl like Gabrielle Union, corkscrew curls like Tracey Ellis Ross and Nicole Kidman, or loose waves like Keri Russell and Sarah Jessica Parker. The point is, some textures require two or three products to style, but you want hair to feel weightless.


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