30 November 2023

TOOLS… with all the bells and whistles!

“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think,” said Jeff Duntemann. This is especially true in hairdressing, where quality tools can even inspire!

When it comes to tools, there are several factors to take into consideration before investing in tools that can enable you to make that quantum leap in your own hairdressing results! And cost should be the least of your priorities. Power and heat regulation are often important in saving time. But then there other important factors, like materials, electronic and “smart” technologies, ionizing technology, ergonomics, and even color and style. For many trades – and hairdressing is not exception – investing in quality tools means investing in yourself!

Here is a round-up of tools – many with all the bells and whistles! – to help you decide. Building your toolbox is a serious business!

Brushes and combs – basic details

This year Denman has launched two really cool design collections to add an inkling of style to your work station. First, they picked up on the Gothic trends that are everywhere this year. Think Billi Eilish at the Met Gala and Doja Cat at the Grammys; both dark and edgy looks that totally channel Gothic Glamour. So, for all your salon clients embracing their inner goth there are three hot NEW Denman tools to nail their gothic hair goals.

Next up was the complete Wildcats Collection. Five fantastic tools with patterns that will pop in any salon kit.

Earlier this year, Cricket launched the Static Free Fast Flo Vent Brush Color Collection in 8 fun NEW colors. More recently, Cricket Company® announced the October 2023 launch of 2 new colors for the Static Free™ Fast Flo Mini Vent Brush: Let’s Go – Hot Pink and Let’s Go – Purple. This new collection merges an iconic classic hairbrush, on-trend colors, and it is fun-sized. Perfect for on-the-go detangling and styling!

Curls and glamorous waves

The T3 Curlwrap reflects the art of curling, perfected by science. The T3 AutoTwist Technology powers an automated, self-rotating barrel for effortless styling with flawless results. The AutoTwist Switch features dual navigation that puts you in control of curl direction. Then the SmartCurl Timer powers 2 timer settings (5 or 8 seconds) for consistent curls and waves with minimized heat exposure. Better still, Sensory Feedback guides your styling experience with gentle sounds and vibrations. The icing on the cake is the Ion Generator that minimizes static frizz, boosts shine, and locks in style. And just to keep it easy, the CeraGloss™ Ceramic Barrel glides effortlessly for
smooth, shiny results.

T3 Curlwrap

Top tools for clipping and cutting

With an upgraded motor on the clipper, DLC blades, and a sleek design, this highly anticipated Wahl 5 Star Cordless Barber Combo™. is set to optimize every barber’s workspace. Exceptional quality at an affordable price!

Renowned Wahl Professional Educator, Garland “G-Whiz” Fox, expresses enthusiasm for the upgraded Cordless Magic Clip and Detailer Li sold as a combo, as well as the space-saving single cord and the cost-effective price of the Cordless Barber Combo™. Fox states, “As a professional, maintaining a clean and efficient workstation is essential, and cordless tools are a no-brainer. Having two high-quality tools charging on a single station with just one cord not only saves space but also adds a cool aesthetic touch.

Valera®, the innovative Swiss-born tool brand designed for salon professionals, has also introduced its newest technological advancement in hair cutting– the Valera Creator Plus Clippers. These innovative clippers can meet the exacting needs of barbers and hairstylists, ensuring close cuts with ultra-precision and zero friction.

Valera Creator Plus Clippers
Valera UNLIMITED PRO 5000 hair dryer

Tools for heat styling

Valera has also engineered the UNLIMITED PRO 5000 hair dryer to satisfy even the most discerning beauty professional. Go ahead and execute the perfect blowout without worry! Now you can! Thanks to Valera’s latest innovation that solves a common problem: hair that twists around the fan when air is blown very close to the hair. The patent-pending Backstop System literally prevents hair from blocking the motor. Meanwhile, the Brushless Digital Motor sets a new milestone for Valera’s tradition of quality.

O2 PROFESSIONAL is a brand that offers high end luxury hair appliances with the latest technology with high performance. For example, the O2 Hypersonic hair dryer ergonomically balanced light weight offers the most advanced technology. The brushless motor provides cyclone power air flow and high heat that dries hair up to 35% faster. Furthermore, the dual ion emitter reduces frizz and static electricity and produces flawless natural shine. Plus, the “LOVE IS IN THE H-AIR” Dryer Cover comes in a variety of hues to suit your any mood!

Now for something completely different!

Bellissima Italia launches the latest innovation for curly hair. The NEW Diffon Supreme 2-in-1 curly dryer is an elegant styling solution that combines an advanced hair diffuser and hair dryer in a lightweight, compact, easy-to-use tool. The new Diffon Supreme can be personalized to simulate natural drying for softer, bouncier, more defined and voluminous curls while minimizing frizz and keeping hair healthy. 68% of women with curly hair identifying frizz as their #1 hair concern. But now the Diffon Supreme is the ultimate game changer.

Most blowdryers prioritize high speed and a range of heat that are best for straight hair. But the Diffon Supreme purposely features combinations of low speed and optimized heat that are essential for creating a frizz-free and bouncy curl,” says celebrity hair stylist and Bellissima spokesperson Mirna Jose. “It’s the holy grail hair dryer for anyone with naturally wavy, curly, or kinky hair.

ghd Pink Limited Edition Collection

This collection of ghd styling tools features a soft pink peach shade in commemoration of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. The new limited edition products and soft touch zip bags are embossed with the campaign phrase
‘TAKE CONTROL NOW’, to remind users to self check on a regular basis.

Click here to learn more about these great products and see the whole story!


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