9 December 2023

Estetica Hungary: A Dazzling Debut at Budapest Hair Show 2023

In a remarkable display of creativity, the international hairdressing industry witnessed the grand unveiling of Estetica Hungary, the 18th international edition of Estetica Network.

The eagerly awaited inaugural issue of Estetica Hungary was officially presented amidst the glamour and energy of the Budapest Hair Show 2023. This landmark event was graced by the presence of Hungarian publisher Beauty World Net, alongside esteemed representatives of Estetica Network, Luca Pissimiglia, Sales and Digital Director, and Sergi Bancells, Global Editorial Ambassador.

The Budapest Hair Show 2023 provided the perfect backdrop for the debut of Estetica Hungary, blending cutting-edge hair trends, top-notch education and awesome shows with the rich cultural tapestry of Hungary. The inaugural issue celebrates the nation’s unique beauty industry, offering a platform for Hungarian stylists, salons, and beauty professionals to shine on the global stage.

A Collaborative Triumph

The launch event saw a synergy of creative minds from the international hairdressing community. Beauty World Net’s vision and dedication to promoting the Hungarian beauty sector were matched by the global reach and influence of Estetica Network. Luca Pissimiglia, Sales and Digital Director of Estetica Network, expressed his excitement, saying, “Estetica Hungary is not just a magazine; it’s a testament to the vibrant beauty culture of Hungary. We’re thrilled to be a part of this journey.” Sergi Bancells, Global Editorial Ambassador of Estetica Network, emphasized the magazine’s commitment to showcasing local talent while offering a global perspective. “Estetica Hungary is a window into the diverse world of hair,” Bancells stated. “It’s about bringing together the best of Hungarian creativity and international trends.”

The inaugural issue of Estetica Hungary is a captivating blend of inspiring editorials, expert insights, and trendsetting visuals. As Estetica Hungary joins the global family of Estetica editions, it is set to be a vital platform for Hungarian beauty professionals, serving as a source of inspiration and knowledge exchange. This landmark moment promises a brighter, more interconnected future for the world of hairdressing, where cultures and creativity come together to redefine standards and celebrate the artistry of hair and beauty.

Estetica Network: A Global Beauty Hub

Estetica Network, founded in 1946 in Italy, has grown into a global beauty hub with 18 international editions. With its finger firmly on the pulse of the hairdressing industry, Estetica Network connects hair professionals, salons, and brands from around the world. It serves as a bridge between cultures, bringing the latest trends, innovations, and insights to the fingertips of beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

Both Hungarian and international hairdressers present at the Budapest Hair Show received the magazine with enthusiasm. The pages of Estetica Hungary resonated with hair pros, serving as a source of inspiration and a valuable resource for staying ahead of industry trends.


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