24 September 2023

Color & Geometry by Serge Zaranko

The renowned Ukrainian hairdresser Serge Zaranko presents a collection of styles aimed at continuing to elevate color creatively.

In this collection, for Serge Zaranko, color takes center stage, merging with geometric compositions that create kaleidoscopic effects, aiming for a striking impact in each of the looks.

Zaranko, known for his ability to blend art and hairdressing, presents a stunning collection with colors that seem to come to life and geometric patterns that challenge perception. The collection features a vibrant color palette contrasting with black and white panels. What sets these hairstyles apart is how the color seamlessly integrates into intricate geometric shapes, creating a kaleidoscope effect.

This collection has no title, as I would like everyone to see something different in it. One of the unofficial titles is ‘Untold.’ Because of the unspoken words, we can find lightness and freedom, which is what I wanted to show with long hair and this coloring technique. The combination of different shades, both dark and bright, creates an effect of depth and distorts the usual perception of hair. The movement of the hair complements this effect, showcasing versatility and individuality,” says the Ukrainian hairdresser.

Hair: Serge Zaranko
Makeup: Valentyna Zaranko (VahaN)Nelya Hryhorenko
Photo: Nelya Hryhorenko


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