21 July 2024

NYC Electric: Nick Pagano’s new collection

NYC Electric is what we at Estetica have dubbed Nick Pagano’s brilliant new collection, inspired by the colors and lifestyles in the Big Apple.

NYC Electric could be an apt title for Nick Pagano‘s brilliant cut-and-color collection. Goldwell National Artist, Color Director & Owner @ i.d Salon in Woodbury, New York, Nick’s work never fails to amaze amaze us and our readership. Given the contrasts in color palettes and shapes, subtle or bold, classic or contemporary, his work is always mesmerizing.

To create NYC Electric, all Nick needed were beautiful models and a top-notch team, including photographer Joseph Cartwright, to work his magic!

1 NYC Electric Punk Rock Shag

The inspiration for this incredible look was a combination of 1970s-1980s Rock’n’Roll and Punk Rock. The round, concave shapes can merge together with long, free-moving layers. The texture and waves lend a whimsical feeling. “We were aiming for something sexy with a luxurious NYC city punk feel,” shared Nick. “To update the look, I went with a wet-dry look with a matte shine.

Color inspiration came from Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Over the Rhone, aiming to capture the shine and reflection.

Goldwell Elumen is always my choice for vibrant , saturated color. It’s also perfect for, melding color together to create intuitive tones as they intermix.

2 The Chopped Bob

Inspired by  the architecture of Hudson yards in NYC, what really makes this look a winner is the peek-a-boo color being exposed by a dramatic cut. “Cutting squares and curves within the interior of the bob exposed the color,” explains Nick. “All the squares are different lengths. In this way they are like veils over the vibrant color, exposing the jeweled tones of the sides. This is a box bob, so square in shape.”  This image evokes the all the iconic bobs, from the 1920s flapper to the 1960s and Vidal .

3 NYC Electric Bowl Bob

This look is all about movement. The cut is actually slightly asymmetric, a layered bob with texture and a short fringe. The color design follows the cut to expose the movement and accentuate the shape using jewel tones to create an iridescent palate. The original inspiration for this shot was leaves on trees dancing in the wind. To get this look, Nick relied on Goldwell Elumen Smokey Brunette and a Blue & Violet combo.


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