27 September 2023

Creative Evolution: at ECRU New York

A creative evolution has taken form at ECRU New York, transcending the faceless into a life form of beauty.

The creative evolution at ECRU New York continues to research the concept of Faceless beauty. In store windows, mannequins represent our perception of the human body and its beauty for a specific time period as an evolutionary reflection. Yet they are Faceless, so that the focus is on individualized beauty. It makes no difference if the woman is strong or reserved. Is she youthful or mature? Is she classy, edgy, or elegant? This style says it all.

Indeed, at ECRU New York creative evolution is redefining what beauty truly means. And every story is different, pushing evolution closer to its next stage.

STORY 5: Enhancing Layers

Summer’s ultra-layered looks, like shags and bobs, tend to focus on being low-maintenance. Nonetheless, they ride high on style and glamorous movement. And the creative team at ECRU New York are loving and evolution toward long layers. This can be the perfect haircut to release weight and create-long lasting style that can transition easily into fall.

The next step is to complement movement and motion with free-flowing silhouettes. For this look, the team chose to go lightweight and sheer. The Videmus Omnia Collection was designed & styled by Yun Qu.

Simple styling for seamless evolution


This definitely ain’t your momma’s mousse. Who wouldn’t love this luxurious ultra-rich styling mousse? After all, it wraps your layers in invisible fibers to add more body to limp locks. Then these layers take on a live of their own when you creating volume and thickness with lots of movement and shine.


This ultimate lightweight multifunctional balm gives layers optimal definition and texture. So obviously, this is a must-have in your haircare arsenal. And that’s not all! It also smooths frizz and hides flyaways, making it perfect for pliable slicked-back styles.


Every tote bag should have one of these! Indeed, this Dry Shampoo is a styler refresher and oil absorber that instantly extends hairstyles and builds volume. Perfect for quick touch-ups during the day.


  • Artistic Direction & Hair: Lisa Lobosco, ECRU New York Creative Director
  • Hair by: Amanda Jenkins, Global Director of Education ECRU New York Academy
  • Photography: Bochun Cheng
  • Fashion Designer: Yun Qu Videmus Omnia


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