21 July 2024

BCRST Collection by Rut Navarro

Hairdresser and artistic director Rut Navarro presents her new BCRST Collection and takes a step further in her career with a proposal made through AI.

BCRST Collection

These artificial intelligence images in the BCRST Collection by Rut Navarro are astonishing and captivating. They challenging the limits of imagination with their unique compositions and avant-garde styles. The future is an abstract construction that is always one step ahead of us, but once we reach that moment, it becomes the present. Therefore, we can say that every day we live is part of the future we could only imagine before.

“Many of my collections take inspiration from my travels around the world,” says Rut Navarro. “This time, my BCRST collection gets its inspiration from the palaces of Romania, a marvel that I had the chance to visit just the summer after the pandemic. One of my passions is horror and fantasy novels, and being immersed in those palaces made me feel like I was in a princess tale, but with dark touches, something more gothic. That’s where the idea of presenting models with pale complexion, heavily accentuated eyes, and dresses reminiscent of a bygone era, an era of opulence and style, came to me. For the hair, I wanted to reflect that extravagance and way of life with meticulously designed and constructed hairstyles that navigate between avant-garde and more commercial styles.”

Hair & Artistic Direction: Rut Navarro at Salon The Room Photography & Composition: David Arnal Communication: Óscar Martínez


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