21 July 2024

Gidon Cosmetics – World-First Collection in Collaboration with AI

As long as the human race is alive and growing hair, the demand for hair stylists and hair products will never be replaced by artificial intelligence. The Gidon Cosmetics company went on a photo tour around artificial intelligence. Report by Maya Cohen Ben Shlush.

Gidon Cosmetics

“In light of the developments in the field of artificial intelligence, there is a fear that the intelligence will surpass human abilities and will leave the labor market without human workers. As a company that keeps its products and approach up-to-date and contemporary, we at Gidon Cosmetics had to examine the issue of artificial intelligence to how mach the hairstyling profession is under threat of disappearing in favor of artificial intelligence.

“Therefore, we teamed up with photographer Shay Kedem, who studied the AI software, he sat with each presenter and built together with him the advanced appearance of AI. After choosing the looks for the collection, we found brave models who were willing to dye their hair unconventional colors, the designers adapted their choices from the software to reality and created a REAL AI look.”

In our opinion, reality surpasses on any computer.

“Our conclusion is unequivocally that it is impossible to replace the hairdresser with a computer. Maybe in the future when robots will replace humans in their daily tasks (like cooking) then maybe there will also be a hair styling robot, only then maybe and maybe really big, there will be a replacement for human hands and creativity. We are human and need a human touch, a word, attitude, love. A real touch of hands that care for our hair. The thing that we can do in collaboration with artificial intelligence software is to build a concept for a creation, an inspiration board, or create a specific look and try to achieve it in reality. That is to get inspiration from the intelligence and create it in reality, just like we created in the collection.”

Photographer: Shai Kedem Production: Moshe Abramov Styling: Eyal Hajabi Make-up: Ben Rabivo and Liat ben Shimshon Hairstylists: Amir ZahaviNati ClauraAmir BakshiOren AharoniVitali GermanYoav AroubasShmuel Michelson and Avishai Even


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