30 September 2023

Women of Substance by Rebecca Dickenson

Rebecca Dickenson unveiled her latest masterpiece: a collection of hairstyles that echoed the essence of simplicity and sophistication.

Drawing inspiration from women of substance, those whose strength and grace held stories untold, Rebecca Dickenson crafted a series of looks that were more than mere styles; they were reflections of character and resilience. Rebecca’s vision was not just about hair; it was about the celebration of the women who wore it. Her creations exuded an air of quiet confidence, each style a testament to the intricate beauty that can be found within the uncomplicated.

United by authenticity and love, this collection is about inspiring self belief and creativity in everyday women to create true role models,” says Rebecca.

Having established one of Doncaster (UK) most sought after salons; Dickenson realized her ambition is to celebrate her own achievements and the reputation she had worked so hard to cultivate. Committed to offering her clients the same exceptional level of customer service, hair artistry and expertise they had become so accustomed too, but in a salon that truly reflects her personality, her sense of style and her own vision, she opened Rebecca Dickenson Hair.

Since opening Rebecca’s work has been published globally and she has gone on to win worldwide competitions placing her at the very top of her industry.

Hair: Rebecca Dickenson
Makeup: Victoria Roberts
Photography: Paul Gill


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