2 October 2023

Autumn Colour – 3 Shades to Spice Up the Season of Change

As the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisp, it’s time to embrace the beauty of autumn colour –  not just in nature, but also in our hair.

Safy Burton of Safy B’s Hairdressing in Aylesbury presents three autumn colour choices to set the season aglow! “This season, we can take inspiration from the rich and warm colours of autumn leaves to create stunning hair colours that capture the essence of the season,” says Safy. “They range from the fiery reds to the deep oranges and golden browns. The autumn colour trend is all about embracing the earthy tones that define this time of year.”

Autumn Melt

This Autumn Melt look is a perfect example of how to seamlessly blend the warm shades of the season. Using Goldwell products, the transformation began with Topchic 6RR@Pk, which I used as the foundation for this intense yet natural look. Then I used Elumen RR@ALL and Elumen YY@ALL to add depth and vibrancy, evoking the warmth of autumn leaves. This combination results in a multi-dimensional colour that captures the very essence of the season.

Pumpkin Spice

What’s autumn without a touch of pumpkin spice? This hair colour, which I achieved with Goldwell’s Topchic range, is a delightful play on the beloved seasonal flavour. The global colour formula uses 7KG + 8KG in a 1-1 ratio, mixed with 10 drops of orange Pure Pigments for that copper shade. I used placement freehand balayage weaves with Oxycur Platin 9+ This created a natural gradient, mirroring the transitions in autumn leaves. The Pumpkin Spice look is a beautiful copper, capturing the warmth and cosiness of autumn in every strand.

Vivid 90s Frame

For those seeking a bolder expression of autumn’s beauty, this vivid 90s frame is the ultimate choice. This look features a combination of vibrant colours, I created it using Goldwell’s Topchic range. I gave the roots a radiant twist with 6KG, setting the stage for the colourful transformation. Then mid-section and ends come alive where I used 7KG and a splash of 10% orange Pure Pigments. This helped reflect the vividness of autumn’s colours. The frame steals the show, where I used Elumen TQ@all, VV@all, and PK@all, ensuring that every angle captures a different view of the season’s allure.

Autumn Colour isn’t just about changing hair colours; it’s about embracing the changing seasons. With these formulas and techniques, you have the tools to create looks that resonate with the warmth and beauty of autumn. So, let this be your inspiration for your clients ready for an autumn transformation.


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