16 July 2024

The “3-C’s”: Eufora’s Janine Argila explains

Eufora Business Trainer and Salon Owner, Janine Argila, shares the 3-C’s as essential components of productive team member evaluations.

The 3-C’sConnection, Communication, and Coaching – are valuable tools that can help improve performance review results. Janine Argila is a Eufora Business Trainer and Salon Owner who knows that if the same 3-C’s are used on a daily basis, they help to promote positive changes in the business. This means that the ultimate result is that they also significantly strengthen salon culture!

How the 3-C’s work

Oftentimes busy leaders struggle to find the time to create real connections with team members. Many think that, because they work side by side with their team every day, there is an instant connection. However, day-to-day operations often get most of the attention. And while the salon owner is busy with these, they often neglect to “cultivate their garden” as well as they would like.

According to salon owner, Janine Argila, purposeful Connection, Communication, and coaching are the keys to developing a successful culture and encouraging growth within any salon team. These components are essential if a salon owner wants to conduct meaningful performance reviews. Argila suggests that all salon owners make the “3-C’s” a daily focus in preparation for conducting valuable team member evaluations. Purposeful preparation and salon culture cultivation cannot be done in just the one or two hours marked out on the schedule for performance reviews.

Integrating the “3-C’s” into your daily routine


Ask yourself how you connect with team members on a deeper level.

  • Do you connect regularly?
  • Do you host team meetings that are not just about day to day “stuff”, but also about team growth and inclusivity?
  • Are team meetings interactive with opportunities for team contributions?
  • Do you encourage team gatherings outside of the salon for some fun time together?


Ask yourself how you communicate with your team. Organized communication will not only set your business up for success, it sets your team up for success.

  • Utilizing technology for communication can foster organization, set clear expectations, and keep your team all on the same page. (Argila uses Slack in her salon, but there are many different platforms designed to keep communication organized.)
  • Make sure to choose a communication method that is clear, accessible, direct, and convenient for everyone.


The most successful teams have coaches that show up – not just for the game – but for every day in between. Consistent coaching can lead to deeper and more impactful conversations during your performance reviews. It also adds a level of comfort to everyday team interactions.

  • Do you make team coaching part of your daily activity, not just waiting until you sit down for performance reviews?
  • Are team members hearing your encouragement daily, or is it just a once-a-month thing? If it is just a once-a-month thing, think of how much more quickly you can inspire and encourage change when you are coaching and guiding as part of your daily routine.

Making the 3-C’s a part of your salon management routine can make a big difference in overall relations and results in your business. Focus on trying them today!


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