27 September 2023

Trevor Sorbie MBE Appointed Alternative Worldwide Honorary Patron

Founder of the Alternative Hair Show Tony Rizzo announces hairdressing legend Trevor Sorbie MBE as its new Worldwide Honorary Patron. Now in its 41st year, the charitable event has raised over £14.5 million over its history for blood cancer charities both in the UK and overseas.

Trevor Sorbie MBE
L-R Anthony Mascolo, Trevor Sorbie & Tony Rizzo. Photo: Alex Barron-Hough

Commenting on the appointment, Tony says, “Vidal Sassoon was our first Worldwide Honorary Patron and there was nobody else in our view – or in Vidal’s – who would be more fitting to take over this title. Trevor Sorbie MBE is an icon, and we all look up to his achievements. It’s a great honour to have someone of his stature on board. While he’s an incredible talent, he’s also humble, generous and still hungry to be creative. This marks a real spirit of excitement for us. We hope he enjoys being part of this unique, creative celebration of hair artistry.”

Trevor says: “When Tony first asked me if I’d be interested, I thought he was joking. To me this is an honour, a privilege, and an ambition, so I was so happy to say yes. I’m in my mid 70s now and they call this stage of life ‘the golden years’. Well, that’s really what they’re turning into.”

As well as taking on the prestigious role of Alternative Worldwide Patron, Trevor will also be appearing on the stage alongside his globally renowned Artistic Team. “As hairdressers, we crave any opportunity to take off the reins and have the freedom to creatively express ourselves. That’s what the Alternative Hair Show is all about,” Trevor explains.


This year’s extravaganza entitled ‘Tapestry’ will be showcasing some of the world’s leading names. These will stand alongside new and future stars of hairdressing as it marks the start of a revolutionary new era. Taking place at Excel, it allows a closer link with Salon International. This makes it easier for both UK and international visitors to attend. There will be an early show at 4pm on Sunday October 15th followed by a later one at 7pm.

The now globally popular International Visionary Award finals will return to a live section of the show, with its current three awards; Cut and Colour, Avant-Garde and Men’s. The Visionary Award, created by Alternative Hair President, Anthony Mascolo has proved a wonderful exposure of new and unknown talent.

Explaining the significance of the Visionary Awards, Anthony says, “The Visionary Awards give a platform for new talent to really break boundaries in hairdressing. It’s not what you’d normally see, and we always expect the unexpected.” As a former assistant to Trevor Sorbie, Anthony is also very happy to have this great name on board. “When you look at what Trevor has achieved and how he has changed hairdressing, he is the obvious choice for this role,” says Anthony. “He’s known globally and he’s an inspiration to all of us in the hair industry.”

Looking ahead to the event, Trevor comments, “With this show, you can’t predict what you’re going to see. There are people who will break rules and stick their neck out and that’s what I can’t wait for. I know I’m going to be blown away.”


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