2 October 2023

Sunshine: a new collection by Erika Dancsó

Sunshine is warm and natural – aspects reflected in this new trend collection by Erika Dancsó.

Mmmm, Sunshine! Who doesn’t love basking in warm and natural light in any season. Sunshine also often gives us a healthy dose of optimism. This elegant and feminine collection plays with natural colors and soft waves to evoke the changes of seasons.

Not only is the Sunshine collection simply stunning, but the team also produced a complete behind the scenes shoot to document the entire process.

My Sunshine hair collection of spring/summer 2023 was inspired by the beauty of nature, the sun’s rays, and the French woman,” shares Erika Dancsó. “The unique styles and textures show that hair is not just a simple strand, but an expressive medium through which its wearer can flaunt their personality.

Erika Dancsó and her team came up with three completely different styles for the Sunshine collection, focusing on color, length and texture. The shortish shag combined with dark coffee brunette lends itself to both soft and bold styling options. The same can be said for the long copper locks. Volume and texture with long side-swept bangs give a bold yet feminine vibe. But with slicked back sides and a slightly bouffant top tied into a pony tail bring a contemporary twist. The intense balayage blonde lends itself perfect for over-the-top texture, curls, and volume. Adding multiple clip accessories almost gives the effect of a single over-sized barrette in stark contrast to the rest. Styling is predominantly soft and flowing, a nod to Greek goddesses. Empowering femininity with attitude!

  • Hair: Erika Dancsó
  • Coach: Laetitia Guenaou
  • Photo: Jacek Ura
  • Make-up: Szilvia Ágoston, Enikő Kovács
  • Stylist: Erika Csaba Fashion
  • Designers: Kiss Márk Official, Viktória Varga Budapest, Eacre
  • Design Assistant: Fanni Pataki
  • Models: Fanni Kerepesi, Hanna Noémi @Perfect Models Hungary
  • Backstage Photo: Lightfactory


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