22 July 2024

Effective Time Management with Cos Sakkas

As a busy hairdresser, it’s inevitable that you will sometimes feel a little overwhelmed and effective time management will get the better of you. Juggling shoots, training sessions, clients and running a full column can seem like an endless to-do list.

Learning effective time management can be a huge asset to both your professional advancement and your sense of wellbeing. British Hairdresser of the Year and global creative director at TONI&GUY, Cos Sakkas, offers his top tips for managing your time and getting ready for the busy months ahead.

Effective Time Management
Cos Sakkas

1 Have a daily to-do list

It’s impossible to plan for every eventuality; every day will throw you some curve balls, that’s the nature of the job. Compile a daily planner and list the things that you do have control over that day. Whatever the tasks, having them presented as a list, with a time slot, will encourage you to accomplish them. And the sense of achievement when you do cross off a task is wonderful!

2 Set realistic goals

Goals can be forgotten when it’s busy – who can believe we’re already half way through the year! As well as a daily to-do list, it’s a great idea to have a goal planner, where you list the goals you want to achieve and the steps you need to take towards achieving them. Setting goals is an important part of progressing a career in hairdressing, so update them as the year goes on.

3 Prioritise

Wherever possible, prioritise your tasks. Whether you are looking at your daily to-do list or longer-term goals, put tasks in order of importance, including a time or date when they should be completed. You could break tasks down in this way:

Do immediately: Important tasks that just can’t wait.

Schedule for later: Tasks with no defined deadlines.

Delegate: If you are a manager don’t be afraid to pass a task on to a member of the team.

Delete: If you realise a task isn’t essential, get rid of it! Free up your time for things that really are important.

4 Set reminders

I find the reminders app on my phone invaluable. Set timely reminders so that you receive an alert in advance of a deadline.

5 Learn to say no

Hairdressers are by nature people pleasers, but don’t let this desire to please leave you overworked and overwhelmed. It’s okay to say ‘no’. Overloading yourself so that you get stressed and perform under par is not good for you or your business.


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