18 July 2024

Ivory and Icicle – The Colours of the Season

Goldwell has collaborated with leading colour trend experts and global trend agencies to identify the next Colours of the Season. Trending for Summer 2023, IVORY and ICICLE are born out of one of the biggest trends of the decade. They span all aspects of design aspects – soft minimalism.

Goldwell concludes that Ivory and Icicle form the dream duo in the quest for the soothing softness of minimalism.


Formerly, minimalistic design was associated with a stark, bare and almost clinical aesthetic, colour included. The modern era of minimalism has evolved to include Ivory, with its cream hue that touches on earthy clays. The unrefined white blends more with nature, adding an overall soothing quality. “Ivory’s creamy goodness imparts nourishing, sensory qualities,” says Jane Boddy, Global Colour Expert. “They harmonise to evoke the feeling of a cocooning blanket. Ivory has a gentle underpinning of golden brightness that shines. However, it remains soft and understated with a quiet sophistication.”


One of the most prevalent colours around the globe, blue, signifies trustworthiness. To that end, it is often used by technology companies and is becoming the colour of the digital world. Lighter blues on the other hand are popular within the wellness industries, communicating positively. This connection has allowed light blue to rise within the world of fashion and beauty, and the soft tone of Icicle blue has also emerged, delivering soothing qualities in an understated way. “Icicle is inspired by the coldest, icy waters,” adds Jane. “Its airy, barelythere, vaporous quality is oxygenating, like a breath of cooling air on a crisp morning. It also portrays a sense of futurism with its sharp, clean edge.”

How to Create Ivory and Icicle

IVORY Formula with Goldwell COLORANCE:

  • 40 ml System Developer Lotion 2%
  • 10ml COLORANCE 10BG
  • 10ml COLORANCE 9NA
  • 1 drop @PP Pure Yellow

IVORY Formula with Goldwell ELUMEN:

  • 10ml ELUMEN GB@9
  • 10ml ELUMEN NB@10

ICICLE Formula with Goldwell ELUMEN:

  • 15ml ELUMEN Clear
  • 1ml ELUMEN PIBlue@10
  • 2ml ELUMEN SB@10


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