24 July 2024

Tomato girl: a look that is taking social networks by storm

The essence of Mediterranean style embodied in the Tomato Girl trend. Let’s see what this total look that we are seeing everywhere is all about.

Trends are no longer dictated only by runways and street fashion. Social networks like Instagram and Tik Tok contribute notably to defining emerging styles and trends, which then spread like wildfire everywhere: flashes characterize outfits, hairlooks, and makeup, even if only for one season. But they go viral so quickly among both celebs and the general public. The latest trend spotted is perfect for the summer: it’s called Tomato Girl and pays homage to Mediterranean beauty. Let’s take a look at the details.

Tomato girl: the frame of reference

Think of the Amalfi coast, or the beaches in Santorini, or the streets of Barcelona. Let’s add some iconic figures from the 1960s, like Jacqueline Kennedy, Claudia Cardinale, or women considered the ultimate of Mediterranean beauties, like Monica Bellucci and Penelope Cruz. We can conclude by imagining situations linked leisure: picnics surrounded by nature, a book on the beach, a sunset while wearing a bikini.

All in all, these are the ingredients of tomato girl beauty, a symbol recognized as a staple of the Mediterranean diet, yet also evokes a relaxed lifestyle, sunshine, and – above all – nature.

The essence of Mediterranean style embodied in the Tomato Girl trend. Let’s see what this total look that we are seeing everywhere is all about.

Outfits and make-up for the real Tomato Girl

Now that we’ve got down the points of reference for the overall style, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. How does a Tomato Girl dress and do her make-up? Flowery prints are best, on knee-length dresses or on separates like blouses and trousers. Horizontal stripes also work, bright and intense colors, matched with cool fabrics like linen, cut in soft lines. Red, white, and blue are the main palette, to be combined as you like. Likewise, use natural style make-up for a golden glow, highlighting eyes with mascara and not much else. When it comes to lipstick, anything goes! From natural tones like peach and apricot, to a bright red.

Tomato girl hair

When it comes to the hair, the suggestions follow the same criteria: natural being the most important, in terms of both color and styling. 

For example, beach waves are perfect for communicating a relaxed, refreshing, jaunty mood. You needn’t necessarily have the seaside nearby, just a salt spray is sufficient to get this look.

Curly hair is well-kept and not frizzy, but left free to express the charm of each curl, whether loose or kinky.

If we’re not crazy about curly hair, smooth hair is fine as long as it’s casual. For long or middle lengths, locks should be left free so you can run your fingers through them and let the wind blow them as it pleases.

For updos, the solutions are really simple. A low bun accompanied by a center part for a more elegant look for the evening.

Our old friend, the big claw clip is also useful for styling deconstructed updos.

If you’re feeling nostalgic about the ‘80s and ‘90s, instead of a big clip you can opt for a scrunchie – which is perfect for a low updo with free locks.

Finally, for a nod to the Sixties, the headband is perfect for either smooth or curly hair: minimum effort for an elegant vibe (that is also practical).


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