15 June 2024

Barbie & BLONDME® with Schwarzkopf Professional®

Two of the most iconic names in blondes have come together for a limited-edition collection to help professional stylists achieve desired blonde shades for their clientele

Barbie, along with maybe Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, is one of the most iconic blondes ever. We can also note that none of them is a “natural blonde”. But no matter! Now Schwarzkopf Professional is embarking on it latest beauty collaboration with the American toy company Mattel and global icon, Barbie. This latest partnership combines the professional power of BLONDME® with the timeless charm of Barbie for a new collection specifically designed for professional stylists and hair colorists. Now salon pros can ignite their artistry and deliver blonde hair quality for those looking for subtle sun-kissed hues of light to powerful platinum.

On August 1st, the brand will release two limited-edition professional hair care kits. The first is BLONDME® x BARBIE™ Dream Salon Kit, while the second is the BLONDME x BARBIE™ Apron Kit– complete with complete with an array of BLONDME® hair coloring products, application tools and protective gear. And just for fun, these come in limited-edition packaging designed to add fun to the salon experience while streamlining the blonde hair coloring process. Furthermore, BLONDME® has also partnered with some of the industry’s top hairstylists and colorists to recreate six classic Barbie looks. Check out the iconic YouTube campaign that showcases a variety of contemporary blonde color-based styles. Inspired by 64 years of the original Barbie and her famous golden tresses, stylists can help deliver results with a curated lineup that caters to all the needs of diverse blonde hair types.

What’s in the BARBIE™ Dream Salon Kit

As part of the collaboration, this limited-edition BLONDME® x BARBIE™ Dream Salon Kit brings together BLONDME® brand’s new Bleach & Tone Shades, Base Breaker, and Blonde Toning shades. An additional bonus are the mini developers, a technical manual, and exclusive co-branded BARBIE™ x BLONDME™ accessories. This is everything you need to help create today’s trendy blonde looks.

The BLONDME® x BARBIE™ Dream Salon Kit is FREE with purchase of any 4 BLONDME® lighteners


  • BLONDME® Bleach & Tone Ash 2.1 oz
  • BLONDME® Bleach & Tone Violet 2.1 oz
  • BLONDME® Bleach & Tone Matte 2.1 oz
  • BLONDME® Base Breaker Cool 2.02 fl oz
  • BLONDME® Blonde Toning Ice 60 mL
  • BLONDME® Blonde Toning Sand 60 mL
  • BLONDME® Mini Developer 20 Vol. (6%)
  • BLONDME® Mini Developer 7 Vol. (2%)
  • BLONDME® x BARBIE™ Mixing Bowl
  • BLONDME® x BARBIE™ Standard Color Brush
  • BLONDME® x BARBIE™ Wide Color Brush
  • BLONDME ™ x BARBIE™ Apron

What’s in the BLONDME™ x BARBIE™ Apron Kit

The limited-edition BLONDME® x BARBIE™ Apron Kit is exclusively for hair professionals who love to add a touch of magic to their craft. In this kit you’ll find the BLONDME® Bleach & Tone in the shade Violet, bringing a vibrant twist to your blonde transformations. But that’s not all! The kit also includes the exclusive co-branded BLONDME™ x BARBIE™ Apron. This apron is not just a stylish accessory, but a symbol of the brand’s passion and dedication to creating extraordinary looks. It combines fashion and functionality so you can work your magic in style while protecting your clothes.

The BLONDME™ x BARBIE™ Apron Kit is FREE with purchase of any 2 BLONDME® lighteners


  • BLONDME® Bleach & Tone Violet 2.1 oz
  • BLONDME™ x BARBIE™ Apron


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