9 December 2023

Barbie Trend Boosts Global Beauty & Wellness Industry

Fresha, the world’s leading marketplace and booking software for the beauty and wellness industry, has tapped its proprietary booking data to uncover some incredible hair & beauty statistics relating to the Barbie trend.

The Barbie trend is transforming the beauty landscape, prompting consumers to overhaul their beauty and wellness routines. The trigger for the resurgence of interest is the launch of the much-anticipated Barbie movie. This has significantly influenced beauty and wellness trends worldwide.

Fresha, the world’s leading marketplace and booking software for the beauty and wellness industry, has observed a remarkable uptake in this trend. The platform reports a 508% YoY increase in the number of Barbie-inspired services offered by salons, as noted in Fresha’s proprietary booking data from June 19th to July 19th, 2023, compared to the same period last year. Services tied to the Barbie universe, such as pink-coloured hair and nails and platinum blonde transformations, have recorded an 83% increase YoY in bookings.

Taking social media by storm

There’s been a dramatic resurgence of the term “Barbie” in the global zeitgeist, with Google Trends recording a 323% surge in search interest from July 2022 to July 2023. It’s also taken TikTok by storm, with 23% of all posts featuring the #barbie hashtag (3M) created just in the past 30 days. Moreover, Barbie-related beauty hashtags, including including #barbienails, #barbiemakeup, #barbiebeauty, and #barbiehair, have garnered a staggering 171 million views in the past month. This is testament to the trend’s immense popularity. Beauty enthusiasts exploring Barbie-pink nail art, “Barbie blonde” hair colour, and various thematic services that add a touch of nostalgia to their self-care routines reflects this revival.

As this trend sweeps across the globe, salons are capitalising on the hype by introducing Barbie-inspired offerings. For instance, the Proper Salon in London has recently launched a limited-time pop-up with unique services like Barbie Tooth Gems and Barbie Nail Art, all of which are bookable on the Fresha marketplace.

This trend underscores the profound impact of pop culture on consumer behaviour in the beauty and wellness industry. It also highlights how businesses, like Fresha partners, are strategically using these trends to provide personalised experiences to their customers.

Fresha is pleased to provide further insights into this exciting development. For additional data or to arrange an interview with a representative from Fresha, please contact us. We also have several partner salons and spas who are willing to share firsthand accounts of how the “Barbie” boom has transformed their services.

About Fresha

Fresha is the world’s #1 beauty and wellness marketplace powered by all-in-one free business software with integrated payments. With over 100,000 partner venues in more than 120 countries, Fresha simplifies business operations and enhances customer experiences.

To learn more, visit fresha.com. Alternatively, download Fresha on the App Store and Google Play, or follow Fresha on Facebook and Instagram.

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