18 May 2024

YUME: Takara Belmont’s Luxury Wash Unit

It took Takara Belmont time and determination to develop the now iconic YUME luxury wash unit. Here’s how they did it!

The Japanese word “yume” means “dreams”. So YUME is the perfect name for Takara Belmont’s luxury wash unit that also facilitates longer treatments, like head spas. As a result, more than 15 years after its launch, YUME is still very popular. Today it remains an iconic product of Takara Belmont, along with the processors like the Roller Ball series and the Model No. 225 barber chairs.

The ultimate shampoo with YUME

Most salon professionals recognize the YUME wash unit as a full-flat wash unit developed for extreme comfortable shampooing. The main feature of YUME is that it enables the client to relax comfortably even during extended services like head spas. (Obviously, Takara Belmont was the first company developed the “head spa” salon technology in the industry!)

And not only the client is comfortable! Another advantage of the YUME wash unit is that it reduces the physical discomfort and stress on the hair stylist. The bowl position can be raised and lowered, making it possible to treat clients while sitting on a stool. Moreover, hair can be shampooed while standing up from behind. A special stool is also available for making it easy to apply force (while doing Shiatsu massage, for example) even while a seated position.

Takara Belmont is a renowned hairdressing and beauty equipment manufacturer now backed by over 100 years of history. At the time of YUME’s development, the company already held the largest share of the Japanese market and one of the leading companies in the world. However, there were no truly outstanding product in terms of wash units. So Takara Belmont, never willing to back down from a challenge, decided to develop a new product that would break the mold.

The issues…

According to studies, Takara Belmont intended to tackle three major industry-wide issues:

  • The first and most important was the beauty salon stroke syndrome. This can occur while the neck is flexed over the wash basin during shampooing.
  • Second: there was a need to develop new services that would relieve fatigue and pamper an aging population.
  • Third: hairdressers often suffer from work-related fatigue and injuries. So ergonomics in new outfitting is always a major consideration. Essentially the objective was to add value to an otherwise basic salon service.

The YUME concept…

Takara Belmont had found a shampoo stand with a sleeping posture that was popular in some Asian countries. So the goal was to create an original design of the wash unit and perfect the supine shampooing technique. Shampooing had to be relaxing, safe and comfortable for customers and less physically demanding for barbers and hair stylists. They also decided on the name “YUME” to evoke the “dreamy” comfort that clients would experience during treatment. When seeking the ultimate form, designers drew their inspiration from a leaf floating on water.

The YUME solutions…

There are three major features of YUME that succeeded in attaining all the company’s objectives.

– The YUME neck device consists a neck cushion that supports the neck and head pillows that supports the head. So this any head shape finds a comfortable sleeping position. The neck is the part of the body that supports the greatest load when shampooing. This can compromise the client’s comfort and, in some cases, lead to hairdresser stroke syndrome.

In order to solve this issue, the entire neck device and neck cushion block rotates on two axes. In this way, the position changes according to the shape, size, and length of the neck and head to create a comfortable position for everyone.

The materials of the neck device are just as important as the mechanics. Indeed, the YUME special neck cushion and head pillow consist of a soft memory gel that envelops you, yet returns to it’s original form once the head is lifted. Moreover, the YUME design guarantees that the nape of the neck is washed thoroughly.

YUME adds value to “head spa technology” for salons

The YUME luxury wash unit successfully met the overall objective of adding value to shampoo services and spa service for adult customers.

Before YUME, shampoo equipment was in the back of the salon, a basic service. However, by combining the YUME wash unit with head spas, this simple service now plays a leading role, along with cutting , coloring, and treatment services.

The vision to provide a seamless flow of services is now possible. The basin design made it possible to install the faucet inside it, thereby changing the position of the shower head. Moreover, this shape of the basin does not interfere with the hairdresser’s hands and minimizes splashing.

Other services that are now possible thanks YUME’s unique design are the YUME Headbath and the optional YUME Eyelash Device Set.

Yet another advantage to YUME is that there is also a coordinated stool to guarantee the ergonomic comfort of the salon professional as well!

The beauty and practicality of the Takara Belmont YUME wash unit make it a true luxury that adds both aesthetic and professional value to any salon.


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