4 December 2023

FACEless Beauty Collection 2023: Story 4

At ECRU New York, mannequins represent our perception of the human body and its beauty for a specific time period as an evolutionary reflection.

The FACEless Beauty Collection is ECRU New York’s way of initiating a creative evolution. The Collection transcends the Faceless into a lifeform of Beauty.

Mannequins are a representation of the human body. Yet often they are Faceless… hence the name of ECRU New York’s ongoing collection. Is this faceless image strong, young, elegant? In the end, what does beauty really mean?

FACEless Beauty Story 4: through the beauty lens

As the saying goes: A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Whether live or in a photograph, the beauty of hair lies in its free-flowing movement. Hair in itself maybe FACEless, but is is alive! Each strand glistens as the light catches textures that define shapes. Its true beauty can be captured only by the Artist behind the camera’s lens.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder“. So for this story, ECRU New York when to Bochun Cheng, a NYC-based photographer. Cheng‘s who has successfully carved out a niche of his own in high fashion and art. Indeed, his style of photography is both surreal and elegant.

Add into this mix, Artistic Direction and Hair by Lisa Lobosco, ECRU New York Creative Director, and Hair by Amanda Jenkins, Global Director of Education ECRU New York Academy, and the magic comes to life. Fashion designer Yun Qu Videmus Omnia then added the finishing touch with a contemporary palette and elegant street style.

The inspiration for this look was the iconic Debbie Harry. The FACEless mood is playful, yet brimming with attitude.

FACEless beauty in movement

Such beauty in movement and texture begins with a precision cut. But ECRU New York styling products also make a world of difference.

ECRU New York Dry Texture Spray is the perfect hybrid of dry shampoo and hairspray that builds invisible, weightless texture and volume. This product makes hair feels thicker to facilitate styling. Part styling spray, part texturizer, and part dry shampoo, it maximizes volume on men and women with thinning hair. Better yet, it leaves no chalky residue

Indeed, Volumizing Silk Mist is a lightweight, alcohol free volumizing and shine spray for all hair types. It increases body and volume while adding incredible shine.


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