9 December 2023

Italian Exchange Trip – Hair Apprentices Working Abroad

A group of their apprentices from Rainbow Room International recently returned from the beautiful town of Lanciano. They had been on an amazing two-week long Italian Exchange Trip as part of the apprenticeship training.

Italian Exchange Trip

Director of the Rainbow Room International Academy, Laura Leigh Kerr, organised the Italian Exchange Trip. This was following a partnership with Light On The Path, a work placement company, who they had previously arranged a Swedish Exchange Programme with. The programme saw two girls from Sweden come to Rainbow Room International for a two-week work placement and two trainees from Rainbow Room International visiting Sweden. Following the success of this project, Leigh wanted to apply for a bigger project and more funding to allow more students to take advantage of the amazing opportunity. Following the approval of funding, twelve Rainbow Room International trainees in two groups of six, were booked on the Italian Exchange Trip.

A reward for hard work

Leigh was so happy to have the funding approved for the trip. It allowed her to reward her students for their hard work, have something to aspire to. The trip offered them the chance to gain not just work experience, but also real life experience – travelling without their families, working different shift patterns and understanding the way hairdressers work differently in salons around the world. Students got the fantastic opportunity to work in the beautiful surroundings of Italy, learn more about the culture and understand the language barriers.

On Saturday’s arrival in Lanciano, Leigh and Training Director, Nikki, settled the apprentices in. Then. the group went shopping for their accommodation and had a team pizza night to meet the Italian Partners, Connect Abruzzo. On Monday, the group took part in a treasure hunt to learn more about the area, the town of Lanciano and its history before carrying out their Salon Introductions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students started work on Thursday through to Saturday before having two days off on Sunday and Monday where they got the chance to visit the beach, take part in a pasta making class and also do a day trip to Rome. It was all work but also play as the students also got the chance to visit a number of restaurants and pizzerias, expanding their palette trying out delicious new foods.

All students felt they had their own independence. The Academy Directors and Trainers left Lanciano after four days, leaving the students in the hands of Connect Abruzzo, who were always on hand to guide the students to where they needed to be and provide them with support where required.


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