16 July 2024

Ask the Vendittelli’s: optimizing your color game

Estetica went to ask the Vendittelli’s – stylists Marilyn and David – to share some of the secrets behind their award-winning coloring and styles.

When it comes to hair color, ask the Vendittelli‘s! Owners of INdustry Hair in St. Catharines, Ontario, David and Marilyn are also invaluable members of GOLDWELL National Artistic Education Team! As as a pro educator and mentor, Marilyn was gracious enough to give us the answers to all our questions on color – from the consultation to the latest trends and product innovations.

The first thing to ask the Vendittelli’s about is the consultation.

It’s the most important part of the service!  It’s where you communicate, you listen and you build trust!  It can easily fall apart if you don’t listen.  Hear what the client is saying…listen to her thoughts and ideas.  Then you give your thoughts and ideas.  Be real!  Don’t over promise! Remember it’s OK to say “no”, or “in time we can make this happen” “you can’t have this because it will compromise your hair”.  Now with the power of social media…clients are more educated, know terms and sometimes don’t understand what is real and what isn’t real. Show excitement and unveil costs, maintenance and requirements for their look.  If you cover all this there is no room for failure!

Let’s also ask the Vendittelli’s about what is changing in the world of hair color?

I think it’s fair to say that since Covid-19… Grey Hair has made a comeback! So many people have such beautiful grey and, with the right products in Salon and at home, it can radiate just like colored hair.  

Many clients want easy toning take-home shampoos and conditioners to eliminate any brass and they are happy with that! Others want “Salt and Pepper” High Lights and Lowlights typically every 6 months to enhance what they have.  Others will come in for a Goldwell Conditioning Toner to Debrass unwanted yellow or gold.  Goldwell Toners are made of mainly conditioners and not only help tone away yellow, but also help to condition the hair! Lasting 6-8 weeks depending how often you shampoo your hair!  It’s great because you don’t lose your “colour” client completely. Maintenance is not what is was with still keeping a few dollars in your pocket for a quick easy service!

How is Balayage changing?

Balayage is definitely changing. It’s not just 3” of roots now! It’s a mix of grown out Highlights with traditional highlights.  It gives you more color, more brightness, and definition.  In between the client’s balayage/highlight services, clients are coming in for quick easy toners to revitalize their “old” highlights. It will refresh and brighten their looks again!

Are men using color?

Men have really embraced their natural colors. Grey is OK and distinguished! The Goldwell Reshade will help blend those greys and tone them down in 5 min!  It slowly washes away very natural and leaves the hair looking healthy and shiny.  Again we are finding men embracing their color!!

We also wanted to ask the Vendittelli’s about brights and pastel shades?

Color changes with season! Let’s be realistic… if the sun is out and the warmth feels good, then the blondes want it blonde!  We find that bright colors are very much in during the cooler or fresher months. Bright colors are great, as they have the intensity at first, then in many cases fade to pastel!  

Our “not so bold clients” tend to want to experiment with adding a few pieces of something barely visible!  They want to know it’s there but not scream out ”here I am!”.  Whether it’s a blonde with a pastel pink or violet or a dark brown with a bold orange “peekaboo” piece!  Anything goes as long as it’s done correctly and they complement each other!

Blondes are also changing and increasingly customized. Why are blonds always so popular?

Blondes come in so many tones and variations. Whether highlights or full colors or both! Toning can change the tone typically for a period of time! It can be fun to change the tone after your highlights/color is done! Simply by adding a toner (same level of color or darker) to change the intensity /tonality or to add a little more depth! It’s easy to apply and you can have so much fun with it! Adding a deeper tone at the root area will give depth and a feeling of a shadow root. And a lighter toner onto blonde can help debrass or change the tone completely! Blondes are getting more adventurous, some want to change the tone buy adding salmon, rose or lilac tones with a toner. Longevity is typically 4-6 weeks then back to blonde!  It’s easy, quick and fun!


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