10 December 2023

Sugar Candy Collection by Arturo Rosaleñ

Renowned Spanish hairdresser Arturo Rosaleñ presents his latest hair fashion collection, inspired by a world of fantasy and color.

Volatile like cotton and exciting like sugar, Sugar Candy collection by Arturo Rosaleñ navigates between textures, intangibility, and elegance. Almost like a candy, it takes us back to a world of fantasy and color, where the image becomes an interlude between hairdressing, makeup, and fashion.

Like strands of sugar entwined, he constructs updos with wavy textures that vaporize the hair to create avant-garde and magical shapes. In the makeup, a sunset volumizes the face, leaving an almost bare eye and highlighting lips marked by a deep red wine color.

Viva Magenta becomes the main protagonist of the image and this season, vibrant, energetic, and romantic, where the wardrobe embraces natural, architectural, and dynamic forms that invite us to dream of an almost futuristic image.

A vocational hairdresser, Arturo began his professional career at the Pelegrín salon, where he received training in the commercial and marketing fields and learned everything related to the operation of a business, without neglecting the creative aspect of the work. In 1995, he acquired the salon where he worked, and that marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, with the training and company philosophy of Salones Pelegrín serving as a solid foundation.

Hair: Arturo Rosaleñ
Make-up & Photography: David Fergar
Styling: Ana María Delamo
Wardrobe: Eva Soto Conde
PR: Óscar Martínez


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