30 November 2023

The CHIC Collection

See the step-by-step description for the “Hollywood Blonde” look in the CHIC Collection.

CHI has long provided salon professionals with a range of award-winning haircare products and styling tools to inspire trendsetting looks. Now, the CHIC Collection is the latest embodiment of the company’s fusion of the LG CHI Color Master Factory and the complete Royal Treatment Styling & Finishing by CHI line of products with the extraordinary artistic talents of Mego Ayvazian and team to create spectacularly glamorous hair designs.

Inspirational Beauty with the CHIC Collection

In an ever-evolving world of beauty, there’s a constant search for new inspiration that captures the essence of elegance and sophistication. As a result, the CHIC Collection focused on seven new looks inspired by global destinations created by the LG CHI Color Master Factory. This collection of hairstyles serves as a gateway to transforming ordinary hairstyles into extraordinary works of art.

With a focus on timeless beauty, the CHIC Collection aims to evoke allure and grace. When looking at these images, it is undeniable that they are crafted with quality ingredients and innovation in mind. Moreover, the results are truly exceptional.

How to get this fantastic Hollywood Blonde look

These old Hollywood inspired S-waves are a nod to laid-back California living. The look is a happy medium between two-tone hair and soft balayage highlights. The real beauty, though, lies in the ‘money piece’ highlight technique, a strategically placed pop of brightness along the hairline directly framing the face. It helps soften and lift the complexion for a sun-kissed glow with minimal effort and maximum glamour.

Formula 1: Using a 1: 1 ½ mixing ratio CHI Bleach & Shine 30 Volume CHI Color Generator + 3 pumps of CHI
Bond Rebuilder

Formula 2: 2oz 11i + 1oz 11w + 3 shots violet additive + 3oz 10 volume CHI Color Generator

Step 1: Section the crown area, leaving out fringe and rear perimeter.

Step 2: Mist each section with CHI Bond & Seal before applying CHI Bleach & Shine.

Step 3: Starting in the front quadrants, take thin slices parallel to the hairline. Apply Formula 1 with vertical brush strokes to create a blending balayage.

Step 4: Create a chunky weave in the hairline using two foils back-to-back.

Step 5: In the crown, use long backcomb from ends to root. Apply CHI Bleach & Shine by feathering with a vertical brush.
Step 6:
Apply Formula 2 to pre-lightened area and process for 20 minutes.
Step 7:
Using clippers, create a blunt cut to your desired length.

Step 8: Create a “v” section in the bang area to create a guide for the long curtain bangs.

Step 9: Point cut to desired length by over directing to the opposite side. Slide cut to blend into your desired length. Point cut in the crown area to create texture.

Discover the beauty of the CHIC Collection and leave a lasting impression of sophistication when you use the LG CHI Color Master Factory.

Credits CHIC Collection Featuring LG CHI Color Master Factory

Hair: Mego Ayvazian, Patrick Kalle, Wesley Palmer, Joshua Bernard, Sarah Harris, and assistance from Lorena Guevara
Photos: Mohammed Ghanayem
Makeup: Jannette Marin and Ashley Reyna
Styling: Alexandra Cohen


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