10 December 2023

Ecléctika Collection by Carol Bruguera

Eclecticism: one way to think, live and act through opposing concepts, ideas, values and trends. Then, combining them to achieve an organic whole. The Ecléctika Collection by Carol Bruguera takes place in a baroque church and on trapezes and ropes that take them away from their earthly feelings. They rediscover the deepest concept of femininity, one which contemplates a series of intense contrasts that melt into each other.

Ecléctika represents this concept through a combination of contrasted techniques and trends which ultimately achieve harmony. In terms of shape, they avoid geometric influences, betting on the most organic transition possible.

Hairdressing Director: Mia Carol at Carol Bruguera Hairdressing Manager: Emma Sagristà Hairdressers: Núria Codina, Sandra León, Queralt Martínez, Alberto Moreno & Gema Rivera Production Assistant: Mireia Pons & Lídia Serra Make Up: Aina Aranda Photography: Ivan Raga Making of Photography: Bárbara Ylla Audiovisual Production: Natx Creacions Audiovisuals Design & Strategy: Dadà&Co Circus Technician: Miquel Carbonell


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