1 December 2023

Medusa Deluxe: Murder, Mayhem, and Mesmerizing Hair

In a hairdressing regional competition like no other, the upcoming movie “Medusa Deluxe” blends comedy, suspense, and fabulous hair designs into a fabulous cinematic experience.

“Medusa Deluxe” is an hilarious murder mystery, set against the backdrop of intense hairdressing rivalry, is poised to captivate audiences and leave them in stitches. One of the most exciting elements of the movie is the involvement of renowned hairdressing icon, Eugene Souleiman. With his unparalleled expertise and visionary creativity, Souleiman has lent his magical touch to the hair designs in the film, ensuring that the hairstyles are as captivating as the plot itself.

The audaciously original debut from writer-director Thomas Hardiman, “Medusa Deluxe” is a bold, camp and unique take on the murder mystery. Shining a light on the dazzling world of hairdressing, this extravagant whodunnit features an array of electric performances from its dynamic cast. “My mum’s seriously into hair – as soon as you could get your hair done [post-lockdown] she was straight in,” Hardiman says. “I grew up in hairdressers, that’s where I first read Vogue and all those magazines. They’re places where people get to chat, and I’d watch how those inane conversations progressed. There aren’t many films about it, but it’s an amazing arena.

But… what exactly does the movie entail? After a hairdresser is found dead at a hairdressing competition, the remaining competitors try to uncover the murderer over the course of an evening. Rivalry and mistrust build as the remaining group of determined contestants continue to construct their elaborate hairstyles, and secrets begin to unravel as they suspect that someone may be trying to rig the competition by gruesomely picking off its entrants.

With stunning cinematography by Academy Award nominee Robbie Ryan (“The Favourite”, “American Honey”), as well as dazzling and cutting edge hair designs from renowned stylist Eugene Souleiman, and an electronic score by Koreless, Hardiman’s vivacious and absurdly comic ensemble drama will keep audiences in suspense until the end.

Eugene Souleiman’s involvement in “Medusa Deluxe” elevates the film to a new level of hairdressing excellence. Known for pushing boundaries and redefining trends, Souleiman has brought his innovative techniques and avant-garde vision to the extraordinary hairstyles seen in the movie. His awe-inspiring creations not only complement the characters’ personalities but also add an extra layer of artistic expression to the narrative.

I’ve always wanted to do a film,” says Eugene Souleiman, who created the picture’s flamboyant hairstyles. “I loved Tom’s enthusiasm, and I really liked the story. I loved all the characters – I used to judge hairdressing competitions before I did fashion, so I had an affinity with it and understood what he was talking about. We evolved the characters through many conversations; it was very collaborative. Tom went through the various scenes and we did a lot of work on it, the building of the boat on the head, setting fire to the hairstyles, the whole thing. Our dialogue together created what we had. I’d do wigs and send them to him; it was a very free experience.

For Hardiman, working with Souleiman was like fulfilling a dream. “I knew Eugene for a long time before working with him. He’s done hair for Galliano, Westwood… I love how he does hair. And he’s interested in the process, in stripping down the artifice and showing you how things are made. He’s an artist who analyses his own discipline and that’s what you want, someone getting to the root of why they’re doing something. I think that’s what’s going on in the whole film, to me anyway.”

The pair’s reference pool stretched wide, ranging from period to pop culture, specific artworks and the rainbow. “We built up the visual layers of the characters together and the references came from everywhere,” says Souleiman. “Tom is really organised, he’s a visionary and he’s aware of details. We worked on the hairdressers; I told Tom the most important thing about creating these looks was that we had to understand the person making them, and why they would create them. The looks stemmed from the hairdresser, that was really our starting point.

With Eugene Souleiman’s unrivaled artistry and the film’s unique premise, “Medusa Deluxe” is poised to become a hairdressing and cinematic phenomenon. Prepare to be enchanted by the hilarious twists and turns, and, of course, the mesmerizing hairstyles that will undoubtedly leave audiences inspired and in awe.

“Medusa Deluxe” is in cinemas now and will be available on MUBI from 4th August.



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