11 December 2023

Y.O.U. YOUR ORIGINAL UNIQUENESS is the latest collection by Alter Ego Italy. It enhances the uniqueness of every woman.

Alter Ego Italy presents Y.O.U. YOUR ORIGINAL UNIQUENESS – its new collection for 2023 dedicated to women who know how to express their uniqueness.

Too often women judge themselves harshly, feeling inadequate, underestimating themselves and feeling inadequate. What matters most is to understand that diversity is an opportunity to face the world together. This is the quest of Alter Ego Italy, a professional haircare brand aimed at a contemporary woman, in balance between refinement, elegance, attention to sustainability and self-care.

The Y.O.U. YOUR ORIGINAL UNIQUENESS collection expresses itself in 4 looks, or more accurately by 4 women each telling her own story through imagery: IRENE, impulsive, energetic but sensitive, constantly looking for a new version of herself; SALLY, tenacious and elegant, lively and creative; CINZIA, a strong woman who tells of her successes and weaknesses through her style;URSULA, who with her own special positivity, lives life freely.

Every Alter Ego Italy salon is spokesperson for a message of beauty and kindness, thanks to the use of high performance and sustainable professional products, incorporating innovative formulation technologies to meet the needs of all hair types.



“Today it makes me feel good to be myself. Being able to express myself in my simplicity and being able to convey my energy and my sensitivity. I’ve often made dramatic changes because I needed to see a new me. I think my impulsiveness makes me unique.”

You are COLOR: Chestnut at the base is warm and soothing, a sumptuous color enriched by iridescent flashes that enhance its brightness. This combination of shades creates perfect harmony, highlighting the complexion and making the skin more glowing.

You are STYLE: A combination of different techniques made of cuts, layers and disconnections that enhance the texture and movement of the hair. The fringe adds character, making the look dynamic and contemporary.



“Beauty for me is freedom. When I play sports I really feel like myself, in that moment it seems to me that the world around me disappears and that nothing is impossible anymore. I think it’s tenacity that makes me truly unique, even in moments when the finish line seems far away, I never give up.”

You are COLOR: A vibrant shade that adapts perfectly to curly and expressive hair: magenta is the shade of the moment. The color technique and the cutting line are in perfect harmony, creating an extremely natural balance.

You are STYLE: The naturalness of curl is enhanced by working each strand individually. The result is voluminous hair, projected into the space that acquires roundness and definition.



“For me, beauty is security. I rarely look at old photos, but when I see them I realize all that has been in between that has made me who I am today. Seeing each other several times makes you rediscover sides of yourself that you took for granted, that you no longer noticed. I think the hallmark of my personality is strength.”

You are COLOR: A lively and colorful soul, its energy is disruptive, the alternation of shades creates a game of sparkling nuances like her.

You are STYLE: However she moves her hair, the effect is always original. Creativity is her trump card. She has nothing to fear because she doesn’t care about being perfect, she just needs to be herself.



“Beauty is really all about how I feel inside. I feel beautiful after a nice yoga and pilates class. I feel charged, it’s a special recharge. It makes me unique to see life with so much positivity. In my opinion we are free from the canons of beauty”.

You are COLOR: Contrasts in shades give depth to the shape. Warm blonde and honey blonde make this golden brown luminous and irresistible. A natural result that gives the hair intensity and movement.

You are STYLE: Elegance and simplicity find free expression in a versatile yet sophisticated look. The layering gives lightness to the shape of the cut, making it more lively and full of fun.

The new Y.O.U. YOUR ORIGINAL UNIQUENESS by Alter Ego Italy was presented yesterday 20 June 2023 with an exclusive digital event in which four catwalk with four diverse and unique looks tell of their past and present, their story and their personality .

Watch the video presentation of Y.O.U.:


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