27 September 2023

Superfoods & Your Hair

Superfoods have exploded onto the market in recent years. They have beneficial effects on the body both internally and externally. From table to products, here are the ones that are great for your hair.

It is now known that stress and bad habits, especially around food, can be harmful to the hair health, even causing it to fall out. Less known however, is that hair can be strengthened by including some precious seasonal foods in one’s diet. Carlos Portinha, Chief Clinical Officer of the Insparya Group, has indicated nine superfoods for healthier, more beautiful hair – especially during the cold season.

Number 1 on the list is salmon, which is rich in protein, vitamin D and Omega-3 to promote correct hair growth and the development of cellular membranes, while strengthening the scalp. Then there’s avocado, an essential food for healthy and strong hair. And also oats which, being very rich in vitamin B and zinc, are highly beneficial thanks to their silicon content – a very important component of keratin, while is a fundamental nutrient of the hair shaft. Foods such as beans, fish and meat are also essential in a balanced diet, especially when there are other issues that could be affecting hair health.


If they are good for you when you eat them, they are probably also good when applied to the face and scalp. This is how superfoods become protagonists in the formulations of cosmetics and hair products. The list is long – and growing longer by the day: from cocoa to goji berries, from almonds to pomegranates and mushrooms, all are becoming beauty allies. Think of what happens when a dried mushroom goes into the water to understand its potential: by completely rehydrating, the mushroom reverts to its original appearance.


This characteristic are useful both for the skin, as an excellent component for face creams, serums and foundations. It is also important for the hair in order to protect against heat damage from straighteners and hair dryers and pollution. And don’t forget the chemical stress from dyeing and discolouration. For this reason, the professional trichological market is also looking for superfoods.

Here are the 9 superheroes to adopt in the diet to have ever stronger and more vital hair:

  • Salmon: rich in protein, vitamin D and essential fatty acids (Omega-3). These all promote good hair growth and the development of cell membranes, while also strengthening the scalp.
  • Lentils: a plant-based protein, high in zinc, magnesium and biotin, they help improve hair health.
  • Rice: it is advisable to choose the varieties with the darkest colour possible, such as basmati, wholemeal or parboiled. These contain a high level of vitamin B, useful for stimulating cell growth and making them stronger and plumper.
  • Eggs: a source of protein with high biological value and rich in biotin. This is useful for stimulating the growth of stronger and healthier hair.
  • Carrots: their main benefit is carotene, a nutrient that promotes healthy skin and tissue membranes. The greater its presence in the body, the better its ability to prevent dandruff and hair loss.
  • Spinach: it provides a high number of nutrients such as vitamins A and C, zinc, magnesium and iron. The latter is particularly important for maintaining the health of women’s hair.
  • Oats: rich in vitamin B and zinc, they are beneficial primarily for their silicon content. This is a very important component of keratin and a fundamental nutrient in the hair shaft.
  • Avocado: being rich in vitamin E – the integration of which is directly proportional to good hair health – avocado is an essential food for healthy and strong hair. This food is also rich in precious fatty acids to stimulate cell growth (i.e., follicular unit cells) and ensure more effective and healthy hair production.
  • Walnuts: they are rich in vitamin E, vitamin B, zinc and essential fatty acids. All of these are essential for healthy hair growth. Thanks to their anti-inflammatory power and cardiovascular protection, walnuts are definitely an important food to include in your diet.


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