10 December 2023

Project Afro for an Insight into Summer Hair!

Afro hair looks great in summer, however the effects of warm weather and humidity can lead to dryness and frizz without the correct care. The Fellowship Hair Project Afro team comes to the rescue!

Project Afro

We’ve consulted the professionals from the Fellowship Hair Project Afro team to get their expert advice on how you can help your clients keep their textured hair shining during the warmer months. 


Humidity makes afro hair prone to frizz, so explain to your clients that the easiest solution to stop this from happening is to protect their hair from the sun to begin with – protecting at the foundation is key. Silk scarfs, hats, braids and buns are fashionable styles which will keep hair from frizzing. Obviously, this isn’t always possible and they may want to get their hair out and allow this to be free! There are many sun protectors and anti-frizz serums you can recommend to them which will help protect the hair and keep the styles in check.

At the Salon

Recommend your clients to book in for deep conditioning steam treatments throughout the summer to ensure their hair is getting plenty of moisture to counter the sun and the drying effect it has. This is vital and something we would urge anyone with textured hair to take the time to invest in. This treatment can really give hair the oomph it needs and allow it to embrace the moisture it is calling out for.

Home Care Hydration

Make sure your clients are using hydration products when washing at home – this will help the overall haircare regime and give the hair exactly what it needs. One option would be to wash hair with the Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. After washing, use the LOC (Lotion, Oil, Cream) method as this is a great way to prevent hair from going dry during the warm months. It’s all about educating your clients and as professionals we want to share the knowledge in order to keep their hair looking and feeling fantastic.


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